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FUN WITH ASUS (name changed)

Dnala A.Hello ALan Sondheim, thank you for contacting ASUS
support. Please give me a few moments to review your
information. I will be with you shortly.

Hi Alan, how are you today?

ALan Sondheim Not good.

Dnala A.I would be glad to help you.

ALan Sondheim This is the third time I've contacted chat about
getting information on the RMA

Repair said they sent info out I think on the 19th. They didn't.
I was on twice last week

Dnala A.I am seeing your RMA number as USX-------, is this

ALan Sondheim yes

Dnala A.Alan, can you give me a moment while I gather more
information for you?

ALan Sondheim yes

Dnala A.Thank you for your patience.

ALan Sondheim No problem

Dnala A.Alan, i am seeing your RMA complete and your tracking
number is ---------------, FedEx.

ALan Sondheim I don't have that latter number. I was told they
received this quite a while ago.

Dnala A.Your RMA closed last friday and the tracking
---------------, can use to track back to you.

ALan Sondheim What does that mean? I was supposed to be quoted a
price etc. on the repair. They haven't been in touch with me at

We just tried that tracking number you have for FedEx and it
says tracking number not found.

Dnala A.Alan, i do apologize i am seeing here your notebook is
ship back unrepair due to none payment of CID.

ALan Sondheim What the hell is CID? I never received any email
from these people at all!

Dnala A.Customer induce damage or out of warranty of your

ALan Sondheim I want to know how to sue you guys. This is
completely unacceptable. We never heard a WORD from ASUS no
matter how many times I got in touch.

Yes and we said we'd pay for it.

Please get me in touch with a manager.

Dnala A.Alan, i would be more than happy to provide a manager, i
do apologize there are none available, i will have a supervisor
call you back asap.

ALan Sondheim We asked for a price quote. We were told about
$--- or so. We said fine.

When will that be? We're going out here. I can't tell you how
furious I am over this. It's disgusting and it's been a waste of
a lot of my time contacting service and then to have it sent
back as if I never spoke to ASUS in the first place. I'm fairly
public and have been a supporter of ASUS to date but not any
longer. This is not acceptable.

The tracking number by the way isn't even listed by FedEx

Dnala A.Thanks for letting us know about the bad service you
have received. I will ensure your voice be heard and i will have
a supervisor call you base asap, once you are unavailable to
accept the call our team will recall to ensure we get in touch
with you.

ALan Sondheim Will this be by phone? And when? So we can receive
the call here. And what about the wrong tracking number?

And now we have to pay for shipping back to you again because of
your mistake?

It's not bad service - it's NO SERVICE!

Dnala A.Alan, the RMA close last friday therefore the tracking
number maybe no showing in FedEx database at this moment.

However i will escalate the your case for as call back asap.

ALan Sondheim Last week they said they'd escalate my case AND
GET BACK TO ME - NOT SHIP THE THING BACK. What does "escalate"
mean? I waited over a week to hear

Dnala A.Escalation is where supervisors and managers assist on
your case, higher levels assistance.

ALan Sondheim But they didn't. They sent the thing back.

They never got in touch. How is this "assistance"?

Dnala A.Therefore all you have mentioned to me will be pass on
to our team there and i will ensure you get contact.

ALan Sondheim I need to know when I will get a call. I sent the
unit out all the way back at the beginning of the month. And
since then it's been a total mess.

Dnala A.Alan, i do not want to tell you couple hours and you
received the call earlier there fore asap.

ALan Sondheim Today?

I also don't understand that last sentence.

Dnala A.Alan, as mentioned i dont have a specific time there are
no managers/ supervisors available at this moment.

I will ensure a call back asap.

ALan Sondheim ok

At least tell me if the call will be today.

Dnala A.Alan, as mentioned i do not want to lie to you, there
are no supervisors/ managers available and i and not sure if one
will be available shortly to assist therefore i will make sure
one gets your case to handle asap one is available.

ALan Sondheim ok thanks, bye

[The result so far is that the unit is being returned to me,
no one has called, and I have to make yet another "chat" which
will again consist of cut-and-paste text on ASUS' part. It seems
no repair will be done. I wasn't given a final price, nothing,
and the shipping by FedEx cost a bit. I'm furious. Stay away
from ASUS.]

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