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I'd rather be ten women than ten men. I am Clara, GOD. I
foundered upon splay. , which is why we are torn together as
one, sundered together, the contribution of the viruses was
immense and not to be underestimated. sundered to the extent
that humans operated, i am broken now past door. in the wet twig
foundered metal declares itself. Yes, and how you have filled
out these many years, lovely Julu! Thus during the era of
steam-engines and diplex telegraphy - and one must remember that
the most of the nineteenth century ran on batteries, not
electrical outlets - during this era, the stuff of the time for
the most part indicated what? Young women, such as ourselves, in
touch with metal, standing on stools with glass legs, carefully
applying dischargers with rubberized handles, it was as if the
real were out of contrl---Or Until, dearest Julu, one might
speak of that sudden discharge, the orgasm sm, the sudden
exaltation of the spirit, for we might have concluded then, that
spirit itself were inhabiting the world, a kind of ectoplasm of
the metallic. Matter spoke and no one listened. However (as our
words and arms entwine), it's as if there were a surplus that
couldn't be contained - the experiment of big explosion. Which
surely is why the models were young women, with the demonstrator
male, the demonstration of the male, dissplay, which is why we
are torn together as one, sundered together, across electronic
barriers, foundered. Do not Tire Whelps! = True and untiring" =
"To an To have found faith; to have founded faith; to have had
faith foundered. walk it, can't the jewel magatama bending of
legs sundered Weave what thou canst now speak; speak when thread
hath sundered. Sundered legs of bending magatama jewel so it
can't walk Thus was my recent dream, in which a text was lost,
as I blundered with my Sundered legs of bending magatama jewel
so it can't walk straight canst chelal sundered dropped on
sundered skin, trembling, yet stopped; from earth i am asundered
from earth i was and thundered I dreamed of two spheres,
enormous, harboring the sky, one foundered floundered on the
floor, the other tethered and flailing. I floundered, foundered.
I flailed, faltered. A somewhat asundered death.:separated by
death gnawed night nightmares load gnawed death.:separated death
means separate wonder lost. Your spit asundered by asundered by
parasite wonder-certain-site. in Ire in Tyre, Ere Ore is found
and foundered. Do not Tire Whelps! Your spit asundered by
parasite wonder-certain-site. is in my semen found and foundered
upon. We are stardust and we can never, always door. wet twig
foundered burned burned, choice. comes dont heart, eye waking
weakening in fear asundered by death.

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