The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

July 7, 2014

new work: cave*film cave*wave cave*pics

performer: Azure Carter
collaborator/production: Kathleen Ottinger
whatever else: Alan Sondheim
thanks to John Cayley
(the Cave is a three-dimensional immersive
virtual environment.)

in the course of the day, dozens of images,
13 videos, and 6 audio files (combined into
1) were produced.

cavefilm is a performance with emanations.
cavewaveb is a filtered recording of radio
emissions generated by the cave, from long-
wave at 162k through shortwave at 21mhz.
the stills are production stills. i'm quite
excited by this line of work in which
interior and exterior are blurred, cave and
body entangle. the drum is a nepalese madal.

cavewave records the machinery at work, the
intensity of radiations producing, through
interpretation, surface effect; cavefilm
translates surface effect into affect; it
is all staging. is the body staged? i don't
know, but it solos!

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