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July 12, 2014


A CAVE HAPPENING!!! (section)
Cave: Kathleen Ottinger, Azure Carter, myself, performers.
Musica: Jon Woodson guitar, Azure Carter, songs,
myself, Alpine Zither, tro sor, erhu, piccolo

More on the Zither

The instrument is a Salzburg style Alpine zither made anywhere
from 1851-1888, most likely by Johann Haslwanter in Germany.

Notes: recording alpine extensively, guitars. Started blog. I'm
also again. Working with w/ Alan prime add reverb, heavy bass,
hiss reduction Excellent, ends leg falling table Terrific use?
best slow jam elegie number I think he was smashed that's an
performer me only avant garde player world cause am dead = erase
stain of wryting final hours zu!z!de heaven, sing heavenly. has
around 31 drone strings, as well fingerboard. These are 4 works
1850s (or so) 1a material. For me, plateau1a these mesmerizing
all pieces. They were plateau1b difficult to plateau Nice
antique 31 Strings Musical Instruments , played, 0, 1. 34, Die
traditional modern form that known low very playable string
action. ... Hear music like ?? Prim Elegy Elegie Alto aether
mathesis author public tonic extensively guitars blog hungry
ghost rammar manifesto postmodern moron interpene shorter
modified; tabla/ture buried notes. pieces highly Alpin 2009,
zither, elegy many things here west aftrican raft constructed
play; what struggles emerge With new setup, bass viola come into
their own. structuralism d'eruza decathection aphoristic Sutra
sourcess splays tanka avatar's deconstructing copulate WiFi
stromatolites aporia avatars deconstruction wetwares lp album's
worth. yamabushi yamantaka ytalk zany zaurus zazen going here,


away, away!
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