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July 23, 2014

catch me if you can

electric guitar, i haven't played this well before
catch me if you can
"a new standard for electric guitar"
catch me if you can
"a blowout single session masterpiece"
catch me if you can


Hello Alan Sondheim, thank you for contacting ASUS support.
Please give me a few moments to review your information. I will
be with you shortly.

I will be more than happy to assist you today, Alan.

For verification purposes, may I have your return shipping
address please?

Alan Sondheim -----------------

Are you there?

Gary G.Thank you so much for that verification, Alan.

Yes, I am here with you Alan.

And I understand that you would like for the service to be
cancelled, right?

Alan Sondheim I want to cancel the repair. You're coming at the
end of a LONG group of emails that went back and forth; at one
point the unit was returned by mistake etc. etc.

5:17 am At this point I want ASUS to keep the unit. I received a
repair cost of $117 USD and we were told to pay it, along with
returning the unit. We did so and gave you guys our credit card

We then, just now, received a bill for $259, double what we were
told to already pay. In other words we were lied to.

5:18 am I don't want the unit back. Use it for repairs. I'm
cancelling this and cancelling a new ASUS I ordered - I can't
deal with the company any longer.

You should know I'm going to write about this; I'm a computer
consultant and this is the worst treatment I've ever received
from any tech company. We originally sent out the unit June 3rd
and it's been errors since then.

5:19 am Please cancel any payment - the $117 might have already
gone through, I don't know. And we're certainly not paying the
new amount.

Gary G.Alan, this is extremely disappointing. I can't even
begin to fathom the frustration you have been going through
here. I'm really sorry about this.

Allow me to have an immediate request be made in this regard

Alan Sondheim I'm sorry too. I've liked ASUS computers before.
But now I want nothing to do with the company. Not ever again.

Gary G.I understand, and that's perfectly understandable in
light of your bad experience Alan. This all definitely sounds
frustrating, and I'm sorry you have to go through this. These
are certainly not chats we receive, or at least not that I
personally have received, and ASUS will seriously have to
address this related matter for you immediately Alan.

Alan Sondheim They don't have to address it. I just want
everything cancelled. We don't want the unit back. If you have
the case history, you'll see the problems - four times I was
told the case was "escalated" and sent to an "escalation team"
and nothing happened. Please just cancel.

Just for the record, this isn't the first time I've had
troubles. The laptop came with a malfunction - it turned off
randomly. I sent it back when it was under warranty, stating it
was a motherboard issue and please don't erase the hard drive.
They sent it back with the hard drive erased and didn't fix the
problem at all. So I've been using a somewhat broken laptop ever
since. That was a different RMA, -----------.

Gary G.As requested I will ensure to have the request be made
for the RMA service to be cancelled Alan. At the same time,
would I be able to obtain your permission to have this chat
transcript be reviewed by higher management due to this
unsatisfactory service Alan? Because I know ASUS will not be

Alan Sondheim Of course you have permission; I'm keeping a
record myself. And I don't really think ASUS cares about its
customers. I receive cut-and-paste responses to all my inquiries
and nothing has happened. Just consider me a lost customer.

Gary G.If I were in your position Alan, I myself would be
upset. In fact if you were to say right now that you are way
past upset and in fact disappointed and felt cheated in this
entire process, I could not fault you Alan. I can honestly do
say based on my experience however Alan, that I essentially want
you to know that getting to the bottom of this is just as
important to ASUS as it is to you.

Alan Sondheim It's not important to me at this point. I want
nothing to do with ASUS any more.

I have to go and get some sleep; I stayed up trying to deal with
this problem for the past hour and a half.
Seriously, have a good night, or day, I'm not sure where you
are. But I have to sleep. Apologies that you have to deal with
this. Please make as sure as you can that ASUS does not contact
me again, and that the repair is cancelled.

Gary G.I understand. If you would like, I can also provide a
link where you can also express your bad experience to Corporate
directly Alan.

Alan Sondheim No, I don't want to do anything. Do you
understand? I want to GET TO SLEEP!

Gary G.Okay, my apologies. The ASUS case number created for
you for future reference is #:----------. Is there anything
you would like me to assist you with today?

Alan Sondheim Nothing at all and thanks, and apologies. I'm not
going to take the case number. I don't want to contact them.

Have a good day.

Gary G.You are an important customer to us and we appreciate
your business. Please take a moment to complete a short survey
to let us know how we are doing.

Thank you again for choosing ASUS. Have a great day!

Gary G. has closed the chat.

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