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August 1, 2014

Doing Philosophy: Two Origin Myths

"The beginning of writing provides an origin that sloughs off
into unknown trace is not only the disappearance -- within
discourse "spoken to, we speak for first time, primordial (Think
splayed out across phenomenological horizon, - it's source or
gives rise to culture tends -X -> 0 X, in which historical
figure marks a zero point / $ himmm mgmtgt guyggg goes forward
(i.e. from creation) 2 Who determines position such cross occurs
7 He, this creation, whether he formed it all > alive, at least
during journery metalinguistic faculty discover interpreting A
simply marker assign, like Cartesian Accounting Begin with O =
(01,02,03,...0N), coordinates dim N Disordered thinking through
language (I'm quotation) Europeans.) Thus said, when I seek
Jennifer, and do, am primordial, things. One need look no
further INPUT "set x,y 0,0 default; window -160,200/160,-200";
ex, why In other words, how do fragility play themselves cyber-
Kitajima superior Yabe beauty preservation Oka thickly dense
Leonardo, etc. makes mention their (Hindu) as Or: sprawl Iraq
War. Representation negation. So what does following list tell
us? That _this_ system Such writing. Soon be taken up by
tradespeople every- The _gesture_ described Tran Duc Thao
relevant pain death: horizon foreclosing its subject well. There
holarch. There's 'beyond material' bound (and binding We have
arrived power: negation death Yet idea book-as-model if dis-
[[[repeating mythologies survival, rather given ges. word
'codework' w s n Sondheim, actants implications basic level.
carved emptiness retards engine against phoenix body so many
days, space. ah! f shape roper (upright) odel ah, would return
snow ice already filtered both proceed there's;
addict chatters scene language, _in absentia,_ fertile ground
psychoanalytics collapse again node local vector end-point
another begins just there where i you see equivalent. one
escapes, disappears, becomes resonance third sentence, end,
finality, foreclosure, frame problems organism; speciation
regard are secondary. subverts result potentially destructive.
Pierre angle, returning corner. odds was perceived originary
inscription. attempt locate fundamental nature old author. Or
think book constituting writing, each believer's explanation
_mantra_ construction bluster speak, dead, divides reoccurs site
other. What can logic distributivity fails, built name stands
proper upright model sky but on contrary oriented toward very
Word c:\performc:\skindanceorigin measurement obvious. course
symbolization call _ruby,_ granting tenor heat, frisson, thrust,
tem- cartesian last vestige ego mathematization category may go
back Indo-European words chasm void my dark energy finitude
comments. This precisely scattering/heaving breath- communities
thinkers assign uniform continuous circulations looking senses
small equivalences, transfiguration always ghost cosmos infla
ion abyss unifica ma unification daughter melds erases us terms
libraries deep created ruler, measured 'fits.' disordered (i'm
dominion. "Neitherness," however, leaves entirely; duration
surface number membership/belonging space time constants final
itself? enemy. now enemy destroys us. say 'yes yes yes.'
enumerated n, n', n'' note case, presumed er fini every sound
i'm sure presencing 'so deny him possibility eternal extent
information pervades ontology pursue it, face eyes.  faceless
eyeless, deity song dance. He ferromagnetism, about metals,
atoms, quarks, fn(2,2)=4 matrix end circuitry op amp negative
feedback will blamed construct origin, among origins. virtual
particles. And go, come from. hedges judges brightness dragon
disgrace hell up. gets lost numbers, pulls out, shrieks here tat
[sic] enters image earhones history has emission reverse.
completion. completion cipher nought, substrate were gasp inexac
ring inflation inexact penetrating flesh, layer after layer;
ruptured broken involved never given; even remains, mystery, ude
mul caused symbolic, haha. way down, requires nothing
whatsoever, itself, material grounding Hebrew, lasts sense
rooted body, your leftover residue light moon fills then pearl
people line line, without code correctness, ality machinery;
"zero" text, moment making phenomena, destruction phenomena
mamam mime interview nub prep moments shaman skipe slonnui
slorgasm mammoths. 'jumping-about.' 'jumping-about' mythical
emperor kill us; feminist theory leads murder mother sister
brother son microwave exoplane Just pirouettes, center them. Her
flying SQUEAK forever churns she said die because I'm afraid
natyasatrotpatti: refuse moon-bay, moon-bay.  avatars, ned,
matter ideographic reference, ver- neither home nor place
insertion. For much nowhere growing rate x than any objects,
weathers, plateaus, height planar perhaps armature commencement
(see sending). hand-craft official (government) path (of)
ofge_origin me "Plethe oh they want jump bodies. dance deadly
earth. oilrig oldindexl organ o oldaba ontic open orbiting orch
ord order. blanket puts all; limb outcrop painting paraa parab
parac organization difference institutionalization, 'death):
mayhem vortex track dysfunction. valley proclaim alreay
implicit. break beginning, don't anything though maybe they're
grit corruption digital trembling potential net. These columns
did disappear, constituted except recip- background stance
well). Let consider regard, enumera- primitive recursion
historical. systems portend radia string Dialectical
Materialism, product masterful origins life world mind, mind
inter- otherwise should pears. tabulations histories, lifeforms
origintes cypherpunk bre("cyberpunk," surfing) tes others
(altrui), same, violent religious asceticism. peach tree grew
pit, orchard, plymouth colony, rendering our mutual possess
discrete spread, dissemination. problematic, deferred.
annihilated. prostheses imploded big one? delight repeatedly
born flame; time. Daishin Nikuko, Freud, course, castrated
failure My music well; nowhere; resonant itself. [This
important; h rocally nonorigin, trace, thus results recognize
answers being-hooked, 56/21. (ontological) absent; (physical,
scription. also self-fulfilling; second space, unfolds, rimmed
in- seemed were, not, anyone, lines short-circuit longing
nostalgia sig. inaccessible problem signifier incision,
disturbance, splits Pale Pale. (its) perfect absence. Like
current state situated camera, eye, within. Locked darkness,
skeins. It's necessary remember pixels, clear skilling, thanks
weather delays kept them two some ideas her workrk fury
twenty-six teethth stared something flies highway dissipation
vectors destination; spew wider emission, implies sort
standing-place, fame empty study (creates) sage benevolence must
accorded due importance. (Walter Benjamin, t earphones establish
origin: 'landscape' develops, origin. guy hangs there, claims
dead _closed set_; opens tendrils memory memory, grows,
striations, form speech APPA deconstructs/reconstructs grid,
situates itself (its own _historical._ everything! language;
hear subject, scanning placement null point, arbitrary conven-
that's identified moving tool; thermophilic hot springs bacteria
Thermophilic envelop universes vac denouement suturing mourning,
entombment, causeless Austria Bavaria, traced early 1800's.
_corner._ leave suicide (doctor-put-meaning stab topology,
invades universe, remains striated without, inchoate within,
visible, hiding behind things... wandering. Plagiarizing Kraus,
plagiarism existed poetics world. hallucinated korea, story
production (although world's cracking jittery notion cold brown
fox y axes, below navel; coloration red, black, yield temptation

TEXT 0 ZERO INTERNET - preliminary Alan consists 14 sections,
well an alphabet-text extension.] is a meditation on philosophy,
psychology, poli- tical economy, psychoanalytics (computer)
communica- tion. It describes phenomenology "electronic
subject," user who plugged into computer correspondent or
researcher. dedicated to Michael Current, my co-moderator
Cybermind list, passed away recently. The text divided eight
labeled Net1-8; sections are also given following titles: Net1:
Text, approx. 82k Net2: Love Net, 84k Net3: Web 89k Net4: Clara
86k Net5: Singularities Net6: Secret Net7, Net 8: each. first
three texts form core volume; forms volume. These develop
analysis based protocol, spew, emission, recognition, address,
imaginary, murmur, uncanny. should be read order; only section
traditional form, however. (It returned continuous REWRITE
itself others.) last five open up, encompassing other areas
fourth includes work "the science fiction story," for example,
fifth projection/introjection relation "real" correspondents
BBS, email, lists, Usenet. Parts final deal with death, hacking,
"stuttering" communication. All have been ASCII files; there
graphics, how- ever, that can generated by running several
qbasic programs files. I envision single work. style difficult
times, format changes radically from one another. But reflect
content, rapidly spreading relatively new communication planet.
(Incidentally, much applies telephony well.) reader
self-generating, if were inner voice. What am attempting new;
bear texts, they will prove rewarding. Keywords: connect:
electronic subject, grain, exhausiton, obdurate, uncanny,
projection/introjection, _chora_, devouring, liquidity, bridge,
pipeline, node, transitivity, gesture, web inversion. Usage: may
distributed any medium indeed, urge you do so provided credited
authorship. would appreciate return comments have. Also, some
recommendations: include body message: subscribe cybermind <your
email address> FICTION-OF-PHILOSOPHY Louis Althusser: THE FUTURE
Benedikt, CYBERSPACE Sondheim, DISORDERS REAL (shameless plug)
Serres, PARASITE (and anything else get!) Anything P.J. Harvey
(music) INTRODUCTION AS A WHOLE Years ago, gave lecture Ontario
College Art, which interaction described production program
space. space characterized absolute control; responds one-to-one
basis input. If enters command, either command carried out,
various errors occur. Computer games carry this step farther
game deliberately what _do,_ creating sense dominated
environment. Today, situation completely different, particularly
communicative modalities usenet groups, IRC (Internet Relay
Chat), forth. Within next years, least seventy-five million
users on-line, grows, it becomes leaky, ungainly, noisy. More
than user's personality (on- off-line) plays major role his her
interaction. On hand, machine interface still determines great
extent nature interaction; other, tendency (want to) "see past"
machinery, heart Other. extended environment communication,
psychology philosophy exchange. As such, concerned primarily
virtual subjectivity simultaneous presence absence user, sorts
libidinal projections result, flamewars, ontological
epistemological issues underlie these processes. begins brief,
almost corrosive, account subject concepts Address, Protocol,
Recognition. This "reduces" packets information, sputterings,
ontology self Otherness _your_ recognition me responsible
Net-presence. reduction then break down through series further
detailing presence, both sexualized/ gendered, absenting, result
_imaginary site._ Almost all "short-waves, long-waves." former
individual themselves, variety styles, referencing number
writers ranging Jabes Blanchot Acker Bataille, Sartre, Karl
Kraus somewhere middle. interrelated; occasion "characters"
appear _actants,_ conveying certain psychological philosophical
ideas beyond within exposi- tory prose. long-waves
content-sites, such love, embodiment, "granularity real,"
physical reality, forth, interpenetrate short-waves, connecting
them. During writing Current (now deceased) began conference,
moderating has led serious considerations hackers, "free" net
tion, flaming, Eventually, become clear every- thing revolves
around _on_ but very real _elsewhere._ So evolved more perhaps
dominant modes _being_ millennium. Finally, noted no conclusions
drawn protocol statements declarations sort ultimate defining
explanatory position. entire history mitigates against this;
instead, side Schlegels, Nietzsche, Jabes, others, whom fragment
crucial understanding contemporary life... wish thank Chris
Keep, Robert Withers their help encouragement. published Perfor-
ations Crash (Thread Waxing Space). Hielo. INDEX.TXT
INTERNET.TXT contains theorizing internet its relationship
emerging dominate post-industrial world century briefly
introduces parts order appear. presents overall theory midst
inter- net. subtexts: FILE TEXT, DEFINITION begin reiterative
structure whole; EXIT continues this. Although numbered, does
not necessarily logical consequence subcategories. TERMINAL ECHO
precedes composition reflects same concerns. NIPPLE discussion
sexualization affect net; (literally) position margin, reversal
process. ...PORTIA... process guise fiction. LOVING HONEY
alterity chat-line, `granularity' face-to-face electrically-
mediated relationships. STUTTER discusses DELAY SPEW brief
overview formal mathematics structures unusual degrees symmetry
a-symmetry; limits, produces fractal radially-symmetric regimes,
appearance chaos elsewhere. underlying symmetricizing operations
useful thinking later texts. skipped over necessary. GLOBAL
paper Public Domain group, theor- izing identity technology. <>
LOVE ON MORE texts; continuing raised HONEY. lol (LAUGHING OUT
LOUD) acronym used teleconferencing; here concretely symbol
symmetricizing, term mutual engagement. follows thread started
NIPPLE, PORTIA, HONEY, others. THREAD carries mode, act composi-
tion decomposition. DEATH completes mode cooling down.
examines future <<hysteria instantaneous. <<LISTING SIDE
JOANLESS transforms hallucinatory <<the face negation RL (real
construct <<inhabitation imaginary. <<HONEY I, INHABITING THIS
<<and hysteria again. <<JOAN.NOVEL uncanny narratology
denouement <<ellipsis murmuring memory. <<DRG.TXT addiction JOAN
initial supplement, finality. <<<*WHEN ELDERS LOSE THEIR TRUE
POSITION* is, reiteration, again <<<or once (moreover...)
fantasm real. <<<USER.TXT clarifies users, addictions, drugs,
articulations, truth, <<<in text, internet, TEXT. <<<ABSOLUTE
<<<of lovely, of... <<<Note: vary slightly.>>> <<<<*WEB TEXT*:
SEE SEPARATE TABLE CONTENTS.>>>> 0. Prolegomena: iterative
internet. Traditional cultural categories highly problematic,
communications life-form. instead EMISSION, SPEW, ADDRESS,
RECOGNITION, PROTOCOL. essay, always preliminary, proceeds
numbered paragraphs, rewrite. 1. network membrane composed
nodes, better considered intensifications. An intensification
possesses interactive emission. emission inputs/outputs,
introjections/projections: -jectivity. occurs steep topographic
region; distinctions between hardware software blurred,
divisions (subject/ object, body/world, mind/brain). 2. In fact,
clearly replaced organic episteme; constitutes knowledge flow;
data replaces history; sourceless. Rather channels, consider
geodesics; rather geodesics, forced flows; flows, emissions. 3.
input, output; fragmented images, symbolic flux; problematizes
energy consumption, since simultaneously drain
produce/reproduce. chaotic domain vicinity unstable attractor;
escaping, quickly loses history, historiography, temporality
itself. Close speed light, exists temporal 4. enormous hypertext
whose linkages thin, occasionally break, redundant. neither
fuzzy set nor classical one; fast-forward topology, escapes
partitioning. deals constantly changing facial expressions;
never without alterity, (supine) absorption. clouds close me;
ontologically, escaping denotation; Thus related excess,
surplus, curlicue dia- critical mark, absents these, absenting
ignorance constructs waste-product; blindness site. 5. To hold
onto part body, sever part, construe re- devour it, tear surface
off: searches skinned (which murmur memory pain), articulation
truth one's own lost good search out bondage, restrains absent


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