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August 3, 2014

Sentinal and Bowlback and Gambus

Bowlback and Gambus

For those who want to see the gambus - gambus selodang?
seludang? malaya? - and the bowlback mandolin - Globe,


163. Specification: In that -----, while posted as a sentinel,
did, at 167. Specification: In that -----, while posted as a
sentinel, did, at avatar bails, object remains sentinel on
another parcel, avatar visits, senfinal

after Gampopa

and more, one will renounce all structure, all things,
the manifold of worlds, visible and invisible, the
afflicted, will decrease, spheres remains spheres,
angles remain angles, and afflicting emotions, these
too will pass, the shore of the sea recedes into the
shore of the sea, the depths of the sea surrounds the
depths of the sea, and more, all is forsaken, one
knows not, knows neither the depths of the shore, nor
the shore of the depths, the afflicted will decrease

look for the songs and whispers a million years ago
and the death of these songs. look for my breath and
songs and the death of these songs. of my breath,
i have exhausted the air and the earth. of my songs,
of my songs, i have worn through water and fire.
now then i will sing of these for you among the
leaves. now then the bird shall sing me, i am of
those species, i renounce being man or woman.
and in time i have been renounced. and before time,
i am no longer sung.

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