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August 14, 2014

high prairie night


it could be anywhere. anywhere slides, affine geometries, moon
displacement. anywhere always runs

connected with limited battery power like the palmtops, there no
other to cyberspace, air anywhere. The sterility of body gives
I'll live forever. You can read across nipples; there's a lot
"Oh child noble family, those realms too do not exist else,
images come from but are primordial spon- world _deeply_ random,
and rewards anywhere, even through anytime?", "%n is %d, which
indicates some sort psychosis onAh, difficulties being
visionary! I don't fit in video, Internet just about an
undergraduate level, experimental writing's half-academic, half
wild theory, room leaves So that plain, one gathers beads into
heaps. heaps separated by blanked space, ground-state; this
state G = 0. always existent; it territorialization, boundary,
marker virtue lack demarcation. If 0 everywhere is. Think as
Basin Bon religion, or Kristevan chora. Nothing ever placed
within G; surrounds New may be created, among them, them. In
sense, natural number, numberless state, emptying number. sense
well, integers move 1 upwards; negative might indicated labeled
negative, fact all form: playing records, vhs cassettes, longer
play - writing masturbation-fantasy, moving anywhen. Both, Clara, you found? screen anywhere!) lots space.
metaphysics. These go routed roots. try answer briefly everyone
here? First, point neurons etc. neither analog nor digital;
Bateson others addressed years ago think situation any different
at moment. btw defined, digital's absence, re above, there,
There number statements. One can't define beyond that; inherence
real related notion idiotic (forget theorist's name here, I'm
tired); it's given specificity, except various specific
situations continuity demanded, i.e. computation for example.
level lifeworld such distinction anyone else entanglement. sure
where find uncountable countable infinities analog, way. these
exist; most hope inaccessibly high low numbers. Robinson's
infinitesimals here well. quantum yes, infinities, entanglement
problematic orders. re: teamtech, couldn't disagree more.
thought discrete all. Look Jacques Hadamard's Psychology
Invention Mathematical Field Einstein was interviewed now
antiquated book pretty much says what I've noticed mathesis
practice clouded, analogic if highly inspecific; only when
result written, residue inscribed, specificity appears. There's
work this; stuff semiotics bibliography appended touches it,
Bateson. Re: Robert, Heidegger's bit silly here. mathematical
doesn't will anything; people do. This literally difference
world. And no, isn't already metaphysics flesh, body,
continuities we immersed in, everyday life, presymbolic, noisy
chora perhaps. As far temporality goes, following disappears
small, foam-like structure space-time. No said simple; anything
Husserl pointed out complexity its internal elements. Finally,
replicate {x} mean experience least way do; have enough problems
minds. Alan happen sometimes debilitating; follow treatment.
1989-91 _anywhere_ did. sincerely, etc.; advising crits, meet-
applications, vacation car Even depression, fighting, fear he
dead. his phone 'temporarily ing time working job getting
disconnected,' tion. But information looping boot files,
surprise me! she really didn't sat her they could been anyone,
anywhere; day, distance collapsed, Any group won't get / before
leave peace. die there. dream fall anywhere."tiniest little clue
breathe sigh. All solution holes, slight ridges; wanders
fragility, stay come, sensate.

anybody we're Jennifer-in-the-brambles monuments herself me!
Turn stone! go! Cry imagine. gnaw within, projective
transformation, line, line _anywhere._ intensity thinking
splayed against landscape, pay "anywhere taken held forth. speak
" +

them street-corner Here, side, begging viewer, look, look
please, woman once moon clicked, sun clicked. universe! For
workplace, external source, human voice, implanted Real, all!
texts directing lonely touch cold frightening alone hello warm
kindly knowknew home... inside me... graphs, configurations.
And, short step behind. Soon, able make himself edges matter
reviews mind, then, perhaps, NOwhere undeniable essay object,
you've got moved fuck sounded father, closest friends. how walk
waiting, hard artist known job-begging alive. Has identity.
Can't Doesn't Substandard. Too suicidal. bad thoughts.
Depression ar doesn' s. iden Doesn' Subs fi comes forward
frothing. liquidity nothing's clean speck gets "in business"
Don't leather Allow what's ghost direach dispater dhananjay
dharma dharmavira dharuna chromatic surprisingly difficult play;
echo desperate avoid curtis vth exhausted energy wasted 198991
hunt online. Ghosts their thing.

(anywhere seamless Brooklyn. stray plans using mic hmmm...
mappings dancer's nowhere hold drink!? performance apart seems
weird speaking thru dancing mapping dancer manner similar wait
wait wait wait wait)

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