The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

doing philosophy: spewspew, candycandy, modes of virtual 

for a long time i've worked with the interior of the body, 
embodiment, mannerism, approaches to sexualities, abjections, in 
virtual worlds; spewspew is close to the bone here, to the 
flesh, to the flux which carries itself past the bone, that is, 
liquefies, reproduces only itself, cycles through. annihilation 
and nothing arouses, nothing dies, is born, libidinal economy 
emptied, of itself.

candycandy makes me loving, sweet of sickness, surfaces sticky 
with sweet pastels, motor mechanism reveling in representation.
for a long time representation stops at super/structure, closes 
of, cauterizes the fragment; spewspew floods beyond that, wets 
the pixels, dissolves the screen. candycandy sutures the screen, 
dries the tears, the frisson, such sweet tastebuds, you'll see; 
candycandy is the realm of sight, spewspew only begins there at 
the lip or nub, tends towards dissolution.

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