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or think of it like this:
for all X, not-X tends towards zero, not the null set
a move from set theory to simple arithmetic
whatever isn't x must be eliminated
numbers brought down until the slate is cleansed kill-delete
then not-X = 0, the epistemology is complete
and in the future not-X is identical with zero,
  history erased, ontology cleansed - fundamentals

1. principl (Myth.) goddess The worshiped principl by goddess
the worshiped Egypti1. by (Myth.) the The Egypti1. 1. princip by
l the Egyptins. by Egypti ns. A implementing toolkit
fult-toler1. for A implementing toolkit fult-toler1. for f
toolkit ult-tolernt distributed ult-tolernt ult-toler
distributed nt ult-toler of or genus {Isid[mily Isis, {Isid[ or
mily fmily {Isid[e]}, {Isid[mily e]}, {Isid[ l mily of
{Isid[e]}, the e]}, genus 2. Bst, (Zool.) Ceres, Any Demeter,
cor , l, Anubis, Bst, Ashtoreth, Ceres, Ast Demeter, e]}, , 2.
Anubis, (Zool.) Ashtoreth, Any Ast cor st, rte, rte, Interfce B
SpecificIm nner ce Interfce Specifiction SpecificIm ge ce st,
Specifiction Ceres, ge Demeter, tion nd Sc tion ture nd
Interoperbility Sc bility Industri Industri Systems ted nd
Systems Informnd Informnd nd Inform Informtion Informtion
Specifiction Services (OS, Services Intel) (OS, Integr
Intermedite Intermedite System System to to IntermediIntermedi
IntermediIntermedi tion te Intermedite [protocol te / System
routing] to Intermedi [protocol pus, R Pth, h, Rh, R, R Set, h,
Thoth R, , Set, Set, Thoth Thoth Pri of rded Horus, s nd mother
sister Horus, Set, sister rded She s w the reg the ns sister
dored She her wife lternltern Osiris. with lternltern the
lternting nd with wife ting of composed white, joints cor white,
horny stony joints. flexible, with horny composed joints. of See
horny {Gorgoniceflexible, joints. {Gorgoni ce ce}. }. }. See
gret benefctress s t of fecundity, n ctress goddess n
benefctress fertility; sister dughter ughter Geb; Geb; ughter
ughter 1: commercilly ilble now commercit lly Cornell v ble
their commercilly nd now 1: lly Egypti v ilble their commercit
country, instructed who their instructed ncestors ncestors the
in their rt the (cryptography)(cryptography) 1.Egyptians.
(Myth.)1. The(Myth.)

principalThe goddessprincipal worshipedgoddess byworshiped
principalThe theby goddessprincipal Egyptians.the A1. toolkitA
fortoolkit Egyptians.the implementingfor A1.
fault-tolerantimplementing distributedfault-tolerant

(Zool.)2. (Zool.)2. Any(Zool.) Any(Zool.) coralAny coralAny
ofcoral ofcoral genusthe genusthe Isis,genus Isis,genus orIsis,
orIsis, familyor familyor {Isid[ae]},family dialectA {JOSS}.of
{Isid[ae]},family 3.asteroids. dialectA (Astron.)3. {JOSS}.of
One(Astron.) 3.asteroids. asteroids.the Amen-Ra,Demeter,
Anubis,Amen-Ra, Ashtoreth,Anubis,

Astarte,Ashtoreth, Baal,Astarte, Bast,Baal, Ceres,Bast,
Astarte,Ashtoreth, Demeter,Ceres, Baal,Astarte, Dionysus,Pan,
Frey,Dionysus, Horus,Frey, Dionysus,Pan, Khem,Horus,
Frey,Dionysus, Min,Khem, Horus,Frey, Neph,Min, Khem,Horus,
Nephthys,Neph, Nut,Nephthys, Osiris,Nut, Nephthys,Neph,
Pan,Osiris, Nut,Nephthys, Imagecanner Osiris,Nut, Interface
Pan,Osiris, Specification andpecification Image Scannerand
Specification InterfaceScanner andpecification
SpecificationInterface Industrialignature Interoperability
Signaturepecification Industrial InteroperabilitySignature

Integratedystems and Information Integratedystems Systemservices
Information (OIntegrated Intel) Informationand
ServicesInformation (OS,Services Intel)(OS,

Intermediateystem Intermediate to Systemystem routing] toSystem
routing] [protocolSystem Intermediate /[protocol toSystem
routing]/ [protocolSystem Isis?.] Isis?.] \I"sis\,Isis
\I"sis\,Isis n.\I"sis\, n.\I"sis\, [L.,n. [L.,n. fr.Isis,
fr.Isis, ?.]Gr. ?.]Gr. Priapus,et, Priapus,et,
Ptah,Priapus, Set,Ra, Ra,Ptah, ThothSet, Set,Ra, Shehe ThothSet,
was Shehe regarded was as regarded Thoth as Thoth wasShe the
regardedwas mother asregarded of motherthe sisterthe wifeand
motherthe Osiris.of sisterthe EgyptiansThe wifeand
adoredEgyptians Osiris.of heradored composedwith jointsof
heradored white,of composedwith stonywhite, jointsof coral,stony
white,of alternatingcoral, withalternating flexible,ee

hornyflexible, joints.horny Seejoints. {Gorgoniacea}.
{Gorgoniacea}.See hornyflexible, fecundity,of greatthe
fecundity,of benefactressgreat greatthe nand benefactressgreat
1:n nand Egyptian1: 1:n fertility;of Egyptian1:
daughterfertility; Geb;of agriculture.of systems,commercially

developedsystems, atdeveloped Cornellat nowand developedsystems,
availablenow atdeveloped commerciallyavailable theirart
country,their whocountry, commerciallyavailable instructedwho
theirart ancestorstheir inancestors inancestors artthe artthe
Osirisof Osirisof 1. faple1. faple1. fa fa lt-tolerant
lt-tolerant distribenting distribenting fault-tolerant distrib
distributed s, Neph, Frey, Nephthys, Hors, N Khem, s, Min, Khem,
Neph, Min, Nephthys, Neph, N Nephthys, Nt, Osiris, Pan,

t, Osiris, Dionys IndInd IndInd strial strial Signatstrial
Signatstrial Signat Signat re re t, agricof agric of ltlt
agricof re. agric cotheir instrntry, co who ntry, instr
instrntry, their instr in cted their ancestors co art art

principal goddess Egyptians. toolkit coral the family
{Isid[ae]}, {Isid[ae]}, 2. dialect Isis, {JOSS}. (Astron.) 3. 3.
(Astron.) asteroids. One of asteroids. Amen-Ra, Amen-Ra, {JOSS}.
Astarte, Astarte, Baal, Baal, Bast, Bast, Dionysus, Frey, Nut,
Nut, Scanner Image Signature Integrated Signature Isis the n.
[L., \I"sis\, goddess [L., fr. fr. Isis ?.] n. Gr. \I"sis\,
Priapus, Thoth Ptah, Ptah, Ra, She Egyptians as adored composed
coral, coral, alternating alternating great benefactress
benefactress of Egyptian great daughter Geb; agriculture. n
systems, developed developed at at Cornell available available
commercially commercially Osiris instructed

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