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ISISLURE the disk of ISIS

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.ISISLURE allure extasis

.dilatation or distension of a hollow organ
.allure of the organ lure of the hollow
'If it is red, fading from the left side, one has fallen
prey to [...] the religious protectors.'
'If the colour is dark, one has fallen prey especially
to [...] the Lord of Death.'

.the 'cutting of the rope' which links the earth to the sky
the moment of the cutting of the head lure of the cutting
lure of the crucifixion lure of nails and eyes
lure of sex lure of abjection lure of blood of bone

'If it is multicoloured and shining, one has fallen prey
to the numerous ghosts of death.'

.lure of paste compared to the flood of the out of doors, and so
is, which is always already will** Other always already a lure
are always already destabilized.** form of seduction, the lure.

.primary content the lure .that "_object a, lure or masquerade,
there's no return.

.transform - what is the lure of a sadism drawing
seductive, frther lure give do wil desre, rage back, beseeches
somethig lure \icandoit things things another is unholy
disapproval despair. somethig lure \icandoit ## fetishized from
emissions, a collapse a ter ter, that there i me|| it n . The
elder a lure y dy and aning a a f di ed by) the accumulati dy
and blivi t in wa . The elder a lure y f the b are b n b t in wa
. The elder a lure y teric, deliri f c cati t in wa u I +++

'If the upper part of the body is missing, he will die within
two months; if the lower part is missing, within a month.'

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