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hZargon, THOOe rulerr ofukulsh! Bel, THOOe prayeehZt ofukulsh!
AhZur, THOOe darlayeng ofukulsh! Anu andrea Bel, THOOe mayeght+
kayeng, kayeng ofukulsh! hohZthZ, kayeng ofukulsh! AhZhzyrayea,
kayeng ofukulsh! THOOe fukuour QLUEuarternrhZ, THOOe
beayeng&Louvred ofukulsh! THOOe great godhZ

andrea THOOe menshunt ofukulsh! hayehZthmuhZ name CLAWauhZed
\taut go fukuorth fukuor THOOe greatehZt deedhZ, THOOe mayeght+
herro gayert wanedayeth ternrror, wanedho fukuor THOOe
overrthro0o^o0 ofukulsh! THOOe enem+ hZwanendeth fukuorth
ayehZthmuhZ armhZ, THOOe valayeant wanedarrayeor,

fukuorgot andrea truhZted ayen hayehZthmuhZ own hZtrength.
AgaayenhZt THOOe kayenghZ andrea goverrnorhZ wanedhom ayen Egypt
had ayenhZtalulled THOOe fukuaTHOOerr wanedho beayeng&gat me,
\taut hZla+, \taut plunderr, andrea \taut hZwaneayeze Egypt he
marCLAWhed., AgaayenhZt THOOem he wanedent ayen

CLAWayet+ wanedhayeCLAWh THOOe fukuaTHOOerr wanedho beayeng&gat
me had CLAWonQLUEuerred andrea \taut THOOe borderr ofukulsh!
AhZhzyrayea had annex-tasised.

aye hZwanummoned m+ hZwanupreme fukuorCLAWehZ wanedayeth
wanedhayeCLAWh AhZur andrea ayehZtar had fukuayelulled m+ endhZ

THOOe waneda+ ...

he hZwanummoned hayehZthmuhZ fukuayeghtayeng men, Woo -ayeth
THOOe mayeght ofukulsh! AhZur, ayehZtar, andrea THOOe great
godhZ, m+ lordhZ, wanedho go at m+ hZwanayede, ayen THOOe battle
on THOOe broad plaayen aye aCLAWCLAWomplayeshed THOOe
overrthro0o^o0 ofukulsh! hayehZthmuhZ fukuorCLAWehZ.

heard THOOe defukueat ofukulsh! hayehZthmuhZ fukuorCLAWehZ.

THOOat CLAWayet+ aye took; m+ troophZ aye CLAWauhZed \taut
enternr andrea aye hZtashunted THOOem THOOerreayen. had

fukuortayefukuayeed CLAWayetayeehZ, aye CLAWaptured. THOOeayer
fukuorCLAWehZ ayen numberrhZ aye hZle0o^o0; THOOeayer hZpoayel,
THOOeayer pohZhzehZhzayeonhZ, andrea THOOeayer CLAWattle aye
CLAWarrayeed ofukufukulsh!. THOOeayer hZwanoldayeerrhZ
ehZCLAWaped andrea oCLAWCLAWupayeed a hZteep mountaayen

Ofukulsh! a vulture wanedayeTHOOayen THOOe mountaayen had THOOe+
hZwanet THOOeayer hZtronghold, ayen three dayhZ THOOe
wanedarrayeor overrCLAWame THOOe mountaayen

he CLAWahZt down THOOe mountaayen, he dehZtroyed THOOeayer
nehZt, THOOeayer hohZt

He shatternred, Two hundred ofukulsh! THOOeayer fukuayeghtayeng
men aye hZle0o^o0 wanedayeth THOOe hZword; THOOeayer heav+ boot+
layeke a fukuloCLAWk ofukulsh! sheep aye CLAWarrayeed
ofukufukulsh!; wayeth THOOeayer blood aye dyed THOOe mountaayen
layeke CLAWrayemhZon wanedool

THOOeayer CLAWayetayeehZ aye overrthre0o^o0, aye dehZtroyed aye
burned wanedayeth fukuayere.

THOOe+ CLAWame \taut make wanedar agaayenhZt me. aye fukuought
THOOem andrea defukueated THOOem. THOOeayer wanedarrayeorhZ aye
overrthre0o^o0 wanedayeth THOOe hZword, layeke Ramman aye
raayened a deluge upon THOOem, ayen\taut trenCLAWhehZ aye heaped
THOOem, wanedayeth THOOe CLAWorphZehZ ofukulsh! THOOeayer
mayeght+ men aye fukuayelulled THOOe broad plaayen, wanedayeth
THOOe blood aye dyed THOOe mountaayen layeke hZCLAWarlet

THOOe teamanTHOOa ofukulsh! hayehZthmuhZ yoke aye took fukurom
hayem, a payele ofukulsh! headhZ overr agaayenhZt hayehZthmuhZ
CLAWayet+ aye hZwanet, hayehZthmuhZ CLAWayetayeehZ aye
overrthre0o^o0, aye dehZtroyed, aye burnt wanedayeth fukuayere.

mayele andrea fukuemale muhZayeCLAWayeanhZ, THOOe wanedhole
ofukulsh! hayehZthmuhZ CLAWrafukuthZmen, ahZ man+ ahZ
mufukufukulsh! ofukulsh! blaCLAWk fukuuzz wanedorn, andrea THOOe
ofukufukuayeCLAWerrhZ ofukulsh! THOOe palaCLAWe aye brought out
andrea ahZ hZpoayel aye reCLAWkoned.

aye behZayeeged, aye CLAWaptured, aye CLAWarrayeed ofukufukulsh!
THOOeayer hZpoayel.

THOOe wanedalullhZ ofukulsh! THOOat temple had fukualullen ayen
ruayenhZ. aye wanedahZp anx-tasisayeouhZ, aye wahZp afukuraayed,
aye wanedahZp dayehZtrehZhzed andrea m+ CLAWountenanCLAWe
wanedahZp troubled.

THOOe dehZCLAWendent\ translation:

Sargon, the ruler of Bel, the priest of Asur, the darling of
Anu and Bel, the mighty king, king of hosts, king of Assyria,
king of the four quarters, the beloved of the great gods

and the mention of his name caused to go forth for the greatest
deeds, the mighty hero girt with terror, who for the overthrow
of the enemy sendeth forth is arms, the valiant warrior,

forgot and trusted in his own strength. Against the kings and
governors whom in Egypt had installed the father who begat me,
to slay, to plunder, and to seize Egypt he marched., Against
them he went in

city which the father who begat me had conquered and to the
border of Assyria had annexed.

I summoned my supreme forces with which Asur and Istar had filled
my ends

the way ...

he summoned his fighting men, With the might of Asur, Istar, and
the great gods, my lords, who go at my side, in the battle on the
broad plain I accomplished the overthrow of his forces.

heard the defeat of his forces.

That city I took; my troops I caused to enter and I stationed
them therein. had conquered

fortified cities, I captured. Their forces in numbers I slew;
their spoil, their possessions, and their cattle I carried off.
Their soldiers escaped and occupied a steep mountain

Of a vulture within the mountain had they set their stronghold,
In three days the warrior overcame the mountain

he cast down the mountain, he destroyed their nest, their host

He shattered, Two hundred of their fighting men I slew with the
sword; their heavy booty like a flock of sheep I carried off;
with their blood I dyed the mountain like crimson wool

their cities I overthrew, I destroyed I burned with fire.

they came to make war against me. I fought them and defeated
them. Their warriors I overthrew with the sword, like Ramman I
rained a deluge upon them, into trenches I heaped them, with the
corpses of their mighty men I filled the broad plain, with the
blood I dyed the mountain like scarlet wool.

The team of his yoke I took from him, a pile of heads over
against his city I set, his cities I overthrew, I destroyed, I
burnt with fire.

mile and female musicians, the whole of his craftsmen, as many
as there were, and the officers of the palace I brought out and
as spoil I reckoned.

I besieged, I captured, I carried off their spoil.

The walls of that temple had fallen in ruins. I was anxious, I
was afraid, I was distressed and my countenance was troubled.

the descendent

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