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violence .

         or when the buzzing fades in and out, very controlled,
       Jennifer and Julu, some of the smallthing do make buzzing
/blooming buzzing confusion
/blooming buzzing confusion
/blooming buzzing confusion

After a while negation buzzes. Automata make negation machines.
Negation machines buzz for me. They make things faster. a number
of deaths, always to a news station helps. The bed's to my rear;
angering buzzing aroused. you can fawn them. you can come. I'm
your buzz - and then you'd have your dead zone, but no dead. So
you want this equivalent to the superstructure of the world,
coagulation from the other side. what's absent: the buzz, neural
discourse of the concept - voice buzz buzzing cackle chant:
"Idiot! I'm still talking. The phone's buzzing, the sky's just
there, in flight." But more, that they disappeared into the
horror, full of history and information, that they disappeared.
sludge-world, bodies. it's the head in them that names.

sludge among every living creature, rutted, interfering, channel
narrows. it's the head in them that's named.

then nothing.

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