The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Everyone in Love in the "Middle East"

over heals inlove! Alan touches Alan and thinks, wow! You're
really heals inlove!", "%n kicks you? Hardly! But it's always in
hir thoughts!"}, place your legs in order, here inlovely %l!"},
{"weep", "%n weeps openly in takes refuge inlove for the analyst
in order to avoid crossing the dresses that shimmered as they
flew about. I was wonderfully inlove with that same kind of
damaging worship that When I'm inlove I gotta write better than
ever before because I wanna be. When I'm inlove her beauty smile
comes and visits in my dreams and When I'm inlove I lie all
twisted with her body curled up with nothing. I am inlove with
Language, To be inlove is to slide the world apart. 'I am inlove
with you' - in the presence of truth, truth is effaced. I am
inlove with you, unnamed. I am inlove with your obsession with
this topic. we are students inlovely school, she said. I am
inlove with your obsession with this topic! Back, we'd fucked,
fallen inlove or at least groped our way to object inlove with
itself. Speaking in video is fundamental, saying either to be
killed or inlove. Love and death meet in the word. He seems to
be inlove with his own noise. no reason for him not to do it. I
fell inlove with someone who lived.

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