The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

September 20, 2014

Qincave E.: solo qin with image manipulation

The Cave wand was attached to my left wrist.
I had the opportunity to play free-rein.
The organization is Ch'an, koan-abrupt.
My fingers danced in Heaven. My fingers
danced above the tone pond. The microphone
howled near the dragon pool; I moved the
microphone. My hands danced in Heaven. In
Heaven, my arms danced. My shoulders
danced. Koan abrupt, my fingers danced.
The organization had nothing to do with
Ch'an. I don't know where Heaven is. A
koan is corrupt. I had the opportunity to
play and here something emerged. Please,
it is eight minutes, play in background.

Qincave D. Articulation structures

Azure Carter, performer-follower. the qin guides
her movements which further articulate the space-
scrawl. two and a half minutes from a five minute

Solo qin improvisation in the cave with head-
mounted display only, follows on qincaveE.mp4.

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