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Qin and Guitar

Jon Woodson, guitar, me, qin

Well, the tracks with Azure were accompanied by a rocking sound
from a totally-misplaced recorder, and then the recorder fell to
the floor but it's ok and the first qinguitar1 with Jon was
useless because I couldn't remember my name or even play in
tune, it was that kind of day, so in qinguitar2 stuff came
together, Jon sounds great. The riparian01 is the chart I use
for segments I like with kung at the tonic position but I tend
to use the 1st and 6th strings for tonics instead so that I've
got the fourth and fifth, at least I think I do, and the other
riparian03 is from a riverscape near us which has interesting
old structures on the banks. I thought both images might make
you interesting in listening to yet another qin pieces, yes, I
know I can take it on the qin and I played double qin the other
day and it's jokes like these that killed the enormous qin
movement in New England, why I remember when every kid had one
and bass notes rang through the neighborhood, enthralling the
turkey vultures flying overhead, which can be recognized by
their incredibly graceful dihedral flight. Now you can hear what
the vultures heard, just tune into the mp3 above and prepare to
be delighted.

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