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Subject: Wild Combination 3.1 | 9.27.14 | Carter, Lawson, Lotterman, Sondheim

First Wild Combination of the season: tomorrow night!

WC 3.1

September 27, 2014: reading + sound

699 Hope St. 
Providence, RI
7:30p dull (will start late)


Azure Carter & Alan Sondheim - music
Gil Lawson - jottings
Wendy Lotterman - jottings

Azure Carter is an artist, educator, and singer/songwriter. When she isn't
collaborating on music, video, or performance with her partner, Alan
Sondheim, she is busy studying education theory or working on an on-going
performance/video piece, The Fairyland Around Us, based on the writings of
the early 20th century naturalist, Opal Whitely. Before moving to
Providence, Carter lived in NYC and performed at numerous venues in the city
and elsewhere, including the 92nd Street Y, Dance New Amsterdam, The Bowery
Poetry Club, Eyebeam, Jack, and Highwire Gallery. In 2012, Fire Museum
produced Cauldron, with Carter, Helena Espvall, and Sondheim, an album of
improvisations and song-forms. Her most recent album, with Alan Sondheim,
Chris Diasparra, and Ed Schneider, is Avatar Woman.

Gil Lawson is from Santa Fe, NM. His work has been published by, or is
forthcoming from, BOMB, Triple Canopy, n+1, The Quietus, Imperial Matters,
and others. He received the Bard College Written Arts Prize in May of 2013.
He works as a travel editor at TripExpert, and as a publicity editor at Edge
of Arabia.

Wendy Lotterman's writing has appeared in The Claudius App, Coconut, BOMB,
Imperial Matters, Atlas Review & elsewhere. She is a deputy editor for a law
journal, an associate editor of Conjunctions, and currently annotating
Proust for She is currently working on a book and a series of
cinepoems with Jonty Tiplady.

Alan Sondheim was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; he lives with his
partner, Azure Carter in Providence. He holds a B.A. and M.A. from Brown
University. A new-media artist, writer, and theorist, he has exhibited,
performed and lectured widely. Sondheim's most recent book is Writing Under,
a phenomenology of codework and electronic lit. His most recent cd is from
Public Eyesore, Avatar Woman (with Azure Carter, Ed Schneider, and Chris
Diasparra); another cd with Ed and Chris is forthcoming from ESP-Disk this


& eyes peeled for next month's reading: 

WC 3.2

October 18, 2014: reading!

699 Hope St.
Providence, RI
7:30p dull

David Brazil
Aaron Kunin
Rosmarie Waldrop


Full season schedule here:


Thanks! & happy trails,

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