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October 9, 2014


mp4 sound = mp3
Cave, Kathleen Ottinger, graphic
Azure Carter, videography
Alpine zither
use headphones, bass, stereoseparation, use anything

they envelop the universes in vac and origin and denouement,
thermophilic envelope universes vac denouement suffuring
suturing mourning,

Vac is the sound of the amount of the one.
What is not one, is zero.
What is not zero, is one.
What is not zero, is zero.
One is not a quantity.

"A quantum is perfectly determined as a _number_ [_Zahl_].
_Geometry,_ by contrast to _arithmetic,_ is the science of
continuous magnitude. But, in order to determine a space, we
must make use of number, Number is perfectly determinate because
its principle is the one. The principle of number is the
totality, which is the one. If we begin with one [as our unit],
we may view it as consisting of a thousand parts. Our one has
many ones within it, and it is thus designated as an _amount_
[_Anzahl_] of the one viewed as the unit - it is an amount of
some unit. An amount is a contained manyness of ones - all
contained by a border. These many ones have a common _oneness._
A number contains both discreteness and continuity: many ones
and their oneness."

-- Hegel, Lectures on Logic, trans. Clark Butler.

What is not zero is zero (in addition); ontology hasn't come
into being, no one cares. Care creates the one, 'look here.' In
play, here, the world moves, harmonic analysis. But perhaps I
create myself, 'look here.' (See as well Peirce on the continuum
as a collocation of intervals.) Perhaps this looking slides,
hands slide, sound slides. Sound does nothing; either everything
or nothing is sound, either one or zero. Or nothing.

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