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October 27, 2014

Emily and Paul qin

leaves from Emily Dickinson's home and her
brother Austin's home and qin resonant with
Emily Dickinson and Paul Celan and their

fungi and scrabbled text

last of the good-time Cave text session
first-last of the fungi cavern, slime mold,
  jelly, other
other of dinosaur

Image/Imaginary: mountains, canyons, escarpments, tree-lines,
dinosaur glass when a dinosaur purrs or trilobite scurries
nicely to safety.dreams of dinosaur jut, the culture of
dinosaurs, intelligence of dinosaurs, demise of dinosaurs,
dinosaurs, their proper names whose brood takes over home and
field alike. i am the dinosaur, who once ruled heaven and earth,
dinosaurs exhaust exhaust exhaust exhaust exhaust because Sauna
Sauna dinosaurs 10 11 100 101 110 1001 1010 1111 10000 skinny
skinning skinnn, wait a minute, signal's stuttering, come in
myxomycetes, come in myxomycetes

swollen, to come, lumbering something approaching, withdrawal,
come in, restless, stuttering, scurrying, which when is this,
wait a minute, interval, interval

come in myxomycetes, come in myxomycetes

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