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Proto rehearsal material for the upcoming Jack performance:
Comments welcome and wanted!

We're doing 8 pieces, the four here will be interspersed with
instrumentals. Azure does four songs, I'm playing oud, viola,
electric saz, and flute, in that order. On the second track,
it's the last song with shakuhachi instead of flute. These are
rough recordings of course, but we're on our way.

Playing at Jack in Brooklyn this coming Wednesday at 8:

Album release for Alan Sondheim/Azure Carter releases on
ESP-Disk' and Public Eyesore.
Theoretical Mustache's photo.
Alan Sondheim/Azure Carter, Mike Pride, Ras Moshe, Theoretical
Mustache at JACK
Wednesday, November 12 at 8:00pm
JACK in Brooklyn, New York
With Chris Diasparra!, Ed Schneider!, Jackson Moore!

     Show Map
     505 1/2 Waverly Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11238

This is a joint release concert for the Alan Sondheim/Chris
Diasparra/Edward Schneider ESP- Disk' album Cutting Board and
the Azure Carter/Alan Sondheim album Avatar Woman on the Public
Eyesore label. Both ESP-Disk', which celebrated its 50th
anniversary with a concert at JACK last November, and the
younger but no less adventurous Public Eyesore, are record
labels that could not care less about defining the genre of the
music they release, as long as it pushes the envelope.

Headliner: Alan Sondheim/Azure Carter/Chris Diasparra/Edward

Support bands: Mike Pride's trio Period (Public Eyesore), Ras
Moshe Trio (Straw2Gold), Theoretical Mustache

Between-sets DJ: Coeruleum (MechaBenzaiten)

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