The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

it's depressing being alive
it's depressing being
dream with me of violent white men
come and smash anything that moves
shooting the white out of the eyes of others
others who don't look back
this country flees into this country
this country's in it for the long haul
everybody is every body and then some
violent white men choke yourselves to death
violent white men clean up after every crime
you don't believe me sue the president
look he's still moving sue him again
i'm a corporation you can't kill me
i'm a religion that tells me to kill you
there's every difference in difference
you can't vote unless you turn your skin in
violent white men go ahead push the lever
the votes are in go ahead executioners
i win the vote you're dead
it's depressing being alive anyway
it's depressing being
really depressing being
go ahead

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