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cry holy

Ye diff'rent sects, who all declare,
"Lo here is Christ, or Christ is there!"
Your stronger proofs divinely give,
And show us where the Christians live!

Your claim, alas! ye cannnot prove;
Ye want the genuine mark of love:
Thou only, Lord, thine own canst know
For sure thou hast a church below.

Scatter'd o'er all the earth they lie,
Till thou collect them with thine eye.
Draw by the music of thy name,
And charm into a beauteous frame.

For this the pleading Spirit groans,
And cries in all thy banish'd ones:
Love, greatest of thy gifts impart,
And make us of one mind and heart.

Join ev'ry soul that looks to thee,
In bonds of perfect charity:
Now Lord, they glorious fulness give,
And all in all for ever live.

- Anonymous (Universal Psalmist, 1833)

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