The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

bridgmanite swallowwood
universe core throat
monopoly of bruises
you are murmur clothmouth
sheafcuts filtered limbsfall
labradorite stiletto gleams
twist kleinbottle surfaces n-2 d everywhere
cloud avatar azurite granular synthesis
in holes teethtongue photonswitch reversal
this is funny
armature arbitration captured angst
anger and violence performance
already dead file split-second holocausts violate the world
bonelength medialength
bone-time mediatime
its alive
dontscribble bodypit woodtend tensor
men white violent me with dream
scream huddled beings
muscovite particle crashes toroidal flesh
crashjump failure
jennifers gone alans azures all holocaust
truereal ourtime woodtime woodverse throatversed wood
moves that anything smash come
numb swollen worn yet
mythology causation sutured topologies
others eyes out shooting
unspeakable, unspoken
back look dont who
clothing never renders
haul long for it countrys into flees country
some then body every everybody
death to yourselves choke
crime after up clean
believe again him moving still hes
unless vote difference theres tells religion
kill cant corporation a im
lever push ahead go skin your turn
executioners votes
cauldron bones mass-acre
youre win i

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