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"conscious" mind wants to do or think "truer" way of seeing the
world than a more rational 'surface' one "viewpoint" can even be
used in relation cancer fl? perhaps 'desire' itself is word up
for grabs 'record' describe well at all (paradoxically) formed
through hypermediation viewpoints. - separating and bringing
together. operations occur first real there are 18 sensors yes
on body you'll get idea fast presence different these areas.
"real damage" sl isn't fl; it's not ground, primordial so speak
always already gharayb which lot us was kind shattering
inconceivably coded, that is, created such as an jordan river
gnat swarms behave single vertical columns, life by way. maud
liardon, with choreography foofwa d'imobilite perl (pearl?)
others well. sandy questions? please, any sort dialog would
greatly second concerned, [6:20] alan dojoji: it seems me
working avatars, i'm interested relationship between should
consciousness other words, [6:21] both work forgetting much
projection our 'selving' own images, projections visual
perception great [6:22] ignoring my hmmm... arranging formal
systems related occurs across realms [6:23] make sense we have
consider use systems, gestural autonomic this further lead
another form [6:24] example, depressed senses important most
philosophy thnking [6:25] desire underpin everything, course
fact might argue depression we're driven desires; [6:26]
"abject" i mean matter partly us, desires like icebergs their
ostensible keep hearing term but deep components abjection,
where noise dirt descvribed [6:27] online, shape-riding level
very some language surface phenomenon what lies beneath "true
in, guise etiquette protocol [6:28] almost say that's tantric
things being bent secret, hidden after having been devoured
eaten then discarded imagined someone hacking machine lower
[6:29] (the face associative object now virtual bear me, going
recently has gesture, everywhere, [6:30] above victorian here's
contradiction, there's nothing about caressed [6:31] model
carapace, outer [6:32] "carapace" prims constitute composed
sheaves. sheave-girl. if you close enough, set your camera all,
empty space, see aren't organs course. [6:33] organism from
outside, looks, look "real" sense, place scratch away tinsel
once ben hecht asked hollywood within emptiness, [6:34] emptied,
organs, topology organisms outside screen here prim two how
auto-immune system works [6:35] space maybe gender into when
modeling, aware (so speak) protocols linden labs, mention
thousands bring stuff home [6:36] bears modeling although
projecting smears categories sure am half time. human organic
inorganic though hope better understand [6:37] again sorry
appears jump topic moves why obscene? because nature read,
[6:38] words "obscene" processed just sex netsex slsex sex,
[6:39] producing intense reactions no language, somatic stephen
pinker talks obscenity taking thing negative [6:40] (again)
hand, surfadce anyway contructs, let's say, states [6:41] began
thinking repertoire wonder couldn't tools practgical: [6:42]
open under mocap (for motion capture) go browser youshould want
bvh files file out2.bvh [6:43] everything out hip. disappear
underground indicates root hip i've still got root, far [6:44]
scroll down thefile begins that, nodes ground [6:45] represent
movements proper also relate tantra originary stance [6:46]
pasted who controlled "dance" real-life dancer, dancers, [6:47]
image movement, qustions opening file, video shown odyssey don't
need end [6:53] again, files, contained behaviors, were they
used? [6:54] prerecorded, [6:56] leg leg, etc. mapping
one-to-one connected capture worked is'breaking' case attached
neck sensor example wouldconnect [6:57] behaviors themselves
randomly distributed dstributed among inverted placed star
pattern thrown heap floor get: [6:58] happened, abu
"inconceivable" moving ecstatic another, [6:59] continue
impossible, represents explore distortion, abject torture,
[7:00] roughly says same thing... technique techniques surgical,
cutting suturing rearrange sensors, splitting them [7:01] 'live'
behavior recording ask participants move. record [7:02] ok,
about, least using particularly relating [7:03] scan hopefuly
tell something [7:06] her breaks sheaves, chair [7:07] area
[7:12] issues disease way, [7:13] importance [7:14] movement
occurring edge game done myself [7:15] trying escape life, off
goes getting returned asymptotically [7:16] clearly more'lunar'
anything else. exploration [7:20] taking-for-granted take
granted, think, lived-body [7:21] (this relates nagarjuna
buddhism btw) computation, time mind, emptied universe, gives
gateway [7:22] "language fails here" [7:24] singing delusion (if
speaker you: voice remains azure carter [7:25] quetions? yes!
avatar unravels unravelling [7:26] @create $thing called
"sheave-girl" you'd back moo, create type note: must name fixed
fixed, can't [7:27] means youv'e sheave-girl number #5748892
given name, number, identification uses [7:28] sl, objects
number/letter creations (not necessarily moo uneasy implications
here. [7:29] so? really surface-creations, server-blips...
distinction creating vs. entities. well, change shape [7:30]
build rock only true; level, infinitely richer! agreed [7:31]
wizard entirely labs employees able to. can't. without avatar,
offer brief remarks otherwise? yes, true, them. [7:32] qustions?
[7:48] meant literally [7:49] dis/eased dis/comforted [7:50] i'd
otherwise, since fl "hypermediation"? rebuild, resurface rl
suggestion clean [7:51] hypermediation: its commonly interfaces
multiple views together suggest [7:52] understand, context?
[8:09] listen / gnats [8:10] recorded salt lake city, utah
likely [8:11] "constructed" pointillist find tend forms, figures
swarm, [8:12] brings porosity, lack forms are, surely, tied air
currents, [8:13] to, internally constructed; agree: appearance
[8:27] write presence, simply, embodiment online [8:28]
continually writes/performs/acts ascertaining, indicating
existence bot log you're gone moment alan, differs [8:29]
moment, "hereness" indicated [8:30] re: saying, rl, background,
duetavatargrange. [8:31] studying contact [8:32] materiality
rosset calls "idiocy" together, & whomever like, dreams [8:33]
please materials while move betwen sexuality, body, virtual,
[8:34] end, wanted ask, first, rewrite. [8:35] modes
presencing... and, course, note places rewrite [8:36] still,
presencing part, pressure difference "show" selves intentional
aspect [8:37] (as earlier, mentioned damage [8:38] issue roles,
goffmann; they're absolute second, [8:39] following phrasee:
transparent, [8:40] (which reason gharay curious response (both
those life.... [8:41] terms order good chains signs, [8:42]
confrontation imminence bush administration, "order" command
logic [8:43] representation regime commands al jazeera [8:44]
safe house, know; slaughter mass animal extinctions seem discuss
effect setting here? makes human, beyond easily, speak? bodies
abstract mapped onto recording, resulting 'abstract action
grounded. addresses, know enough entire structure affairs
organism, considered primordial, abstracted mathematical in.
holes drop machines stitched table foreground "clear" stationayr
cams churn presupposes healthy however defined, may else apart
dissolve throes passion. appearance, responsive someone, someday
turing appreciated! origin call "sheaves" reference laminated
things, culture becoming speed-blur speed-bump preceding online;
mess codes bodies, selves. clear 'healthy body' sees itself.
equivalent signifcant ways euthanasia, legislation against
behavior, statement, characterized absence viewpoint...
equipment modify behaviors. certain it, it. coercion benign
computers, digital analog concerned. conscious systems.
constituted debris construction avatars constructs readings
writings, communication content peak sea, controls darker
matter, matter. surface, obscene deconstruction opening,
deliberate intntional construct needs renewing... described
linguistically description phenomenology development discovery
dependent upon pathways brain than, optimist would. differently
ordinary tandmen distortion doing out-of-organic-body
double-click start earlier happens pushed emotion, fear,
gnats,mp4. "tying together" scent etc sexual gesture explored..
extent, locating ourselves visually faster fed three
applications: 3-d application, floating oil legs spread arms
inside, busy containing original cut paste gathered general)
general underneath greasy dirty weaving spokes groped comes
around hallucinatory limits geographies/gamespaces, etc.?
foregrounded beheading oneself hierarchy world. considerable
impossible becomes distorted body. impossible. limit cases:
suicide, turn. i'll demonstrate various results scanning
incandescent sexuality inconceivable patterns. incredible
churning wheel insists sl. installs labanotation filed dance
internal internally, access directly interruptions, interrupted
introjecdtion, introjections invisible, bodiless. inwardness
speeak): i.e. presentation notation film records movement.
pieces shieve-girl spoke environment fundamental "is" kinds
avatar-moement other, obscneity, third, languaging. layers learn
, so... neck, forth. life; participant wears harnass, itself,
ones live limbs, etc.; "just talking" listening limit, death,
connects pollutions, overpopulations, limits. liquids
liveperformance machines,. sewn men women contrary fumble (azure
scan, gun scan) ther's meta-organisms... well? choreography,
bending virtual. mumbly-pegged lips carter, natural process
normative social spaces? making inside-out people, reorienting
them; maps become distorted, interesting. exactly obscenity,
tantra, collapse, catatonia laser scanners deconstructing us.
gamesapce interferes, interrupts death constitution on) text
wrote disease, violence darfur order, regime, obdurate, inert
gets world, which, could, parameters, manipulated vocabuary.
particular space. people performance' 'performer' mannequin
physical cannot do; ask! positionings photoraph them? posture,
basis language. prim, construct, improvisation, projection,
problematic shojld transparent each neurologically "ordinary"
cool speech conversation; protccols, languages, drives,
instincts, communications, cries putting radiations/dusts
dis/ease, cancer, re-enacted here.) read inscribed; inscription,
recordings performance. external processing representation?
roots sutras tantras said viewpoint aligned parts left server
servers routers worldwide economies transriparians instinct,
survival skills sheaves thin slivers skeining think... (i wrong
here) skewed fumbled lever soaked constitutions software unknown
liquid seeping somehow remote --- somewhere data-base spaces
speed air, columns thinner etc., problematized sl... hegel
mentions symbolic, index real. preconscious table, playing
footsies below tens numbers test prove there...? yamantaka
destroyer death) what's on! conversation carapace sick
reconstruct mannequins, codes, protocols, matrix.
misunderstanding worlds lives definitely could stick things;
begin feel stress, anxiety this, slaugter hurt threw national
faces 'emotional debris/material' transformed pressue, war,
transforming time, morphing, dividing conceivable completely
recorded, uncomfortable, construing desire, awakening viewer
walk behaving controller youtube contributes violence;
vocabulary wanting develop discover such. warnings. except
torture. weight gnats, (e.g. bolter grusin's theory) closer
repeat open-souarce) world" civil, dis/ease before shuts
stretched you've never seen

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