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forbidden their song yet again before these die

.  sexuality is forced etiquette and forbidden zones
you can enter forbidden space through twist
forbidden, you will rise above and sink below
do you like forbidden pleasure Jewel-Lotus-Magatama-Pleasure?
.  sexuality is forced etiquette and forbidden zones
you can enter forbidden space through twist
anguish haunts the forbidden
opens the forbidden to mockery
. time. tower . . tower forbidden. . . forbidden. untouchable . .

computer running local open sim macgrid loading
everything collapses quickly, nothing there
mound is everything, leaving is forbidden, ontologically
the border where ontology and epistemology meet, coalesce
here you can go no further
here, no one at all, humidity and perfect sexuality
anguish and flight coalesce in ecstasy
ecstasy, and nothing further

.again makes sewn up women makes sewn up men this is unspeakable,
.in oil legs spread arms spread already this dead file is dead
.your fumbled lever the real is infinite raster form is extruded
.universe core throat clothing never renders mumbly-pegged
.the spokes digital levels and homeostatic entities soaked
.constitutions of sewn economies mythology of causation sutured
.the digital is based
.performance ourtime woodtime woodverse throatversed wood a world
.gleams the technological substructure temporally splays and
.drop becoming a speed-blur speed-bump groped and comes around
.the limit numb swollen are you worn yet bridgmanite swallowwood
.a mapping some unknown liquid seeping flesh performance cloud
.is analogous to the body and the cams churn the body inscribe
.a sentence through every sentence anger and violence
.stretched on the wheel incredible churning of the wheel the
.of the analog and mechanics of the digital technology is the
.the machine bone-time is mediatime the digital is constructible
.you are clothmouth bonelength is medialength muscovite particle
.leaks cloud avatar azurite granular synthesis makes the machine
.already unspoken sheafcuts filtered limbsfall you're
.crashjump failure twist kleinbottle surfaces n-2 d everywhere
.universe is funny the analog mapping is analogy the signature
.the analog noise is parasitic enveloping the analog analog of
.violate the world the digital is always doubly-encoded floating
.substructure of the digital in holes teethtongue photonswitch
.and machines stitched from machines greasy weaving through
.bridgmanite cauldron bones mass-acre has something to do with
.the lips and lips fundamental particles and biological
.reversal the digital is simultaneously eternal and ephemeral
.through every world jennifers gone alans gone azures gone all
.crashes toroidal flesh the integral calculus inheres within
.topologies dontscribble bodypit woodtend tensor skewed on
.neurons sewn economies and transriparians labradorite stiletto
.the analog is atemporal and time is analogical you are murmur
.differential calculus inheres within the digital fluid mechanics
.raster faster speed the thing up and holes are where the bodies
.do contrary things scream huddled beings monopoly of bruises
.on epistemology and uniformity your body is all greasy this
.world holocaust world is truereal world split-second holocausts
.fast the digital and analog chiasmus at the limit what occurs at
.makes the machine fumble you armature arbitration captured angst
.in stone the analog matrix you've never seen the end of you
.the digital, digital of the analog the digital is always already
.the digital is base

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