The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


flow and flux into an interior dissected by sheaves
the outer skin always trembles and entangles
the inner skin contains all that contradicts the world
all is contrary all dissolves, the hole trembles
the hole always trembles, its weak earth walls
.aren't compact, are leaning, corrode and sift
.are porous, logos, are abject, are grapheme scar
.are trembling holes, are dissolving, are shoring
.are contradictions swallowed, are entangled, soft
.are dissections, are murmurs, are swallowed throats
.are flexed, flowing, are comfort, are comfort illness
the hole always trembles, its bleak birth calls
.someone is listening and someone is coming forth
.someone is cutting and someone is being cut
.someone is open and someone is opening, someone
.someone is open to someone, and someone is opening
.someone is the thinnest of someone, someone closing
.someone counting, someone of someone singing
.someone is flowing and that one, someone, is flowing
of an interior, of universe, of universe, our interior

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