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Duchamp Kills

Duchamp Kills: how often I've chanted that slogan!
And for good reason, shrapnel everywhere, war or
no war, gangs or no gangs. Raiders violating every
fucking body, constant roar of shrapnel, bombs,
not even punctuated by the cries of the wounded. A
wrong turn for modern art when we lost the way of
the people, when we turned away from war, except as
exhilaration, acute angles, planes cut into each
other until some of then escaped, returned to drop
angels among the rest of us, fucking angels killing
everything in sight. We should have known better,
we should get down on our knees and pray that we
turn towards the pain everywhere in the world and
we have to do what we can to overturn the damage we
have done in our failure to recognize the deep root
of culture falling through the earth towards the
very center of our Being. Duchamp kills, modern art
kills, modern culture kills, deconstruction kills,
and we cannot forget the deaths we have ignored,
the pain we have caused everyone who is not of us,
the torture we can never absolve, deaths and more
deaths, more of everything, more of everyone as well.

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