The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


julu, dark julu, her gaping maw open to a terrifying degree,
lightning eyes gaping at what they have created - a stranger
whispers to me connectionless, unmotivated, blind gaping opening
closing:coughs witnessing a circumcision: "When I saw this
gaping wound around the head of the gaping maw of the sun,
violent lunacy of the swinging moon which the performance is a
gaping maw in the gaping maw of the virtual, I was American
writing;ng; it's a gaping maw;aw; it's a gaping hole;le; night
with nothing undone, everything ready, as if there were a gaping
maw opening open stretching splitting cutting gaping through
tendons - horror at the gaping human mouths and screams staring
at the last few! That even the military order thrust from the
gaping maw, the nationalist tunneled all the way all the way
through, gaping one side for officers me, ghost your gaping maw,
ghost your teeth, ghost" - "Enough of this," I cried, "Enough!"

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