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Invisibility, continued

The hallmark of invisibility:
There is no hallmark of invisibility.
Wait, isn't that a hallmark?
No it's a sentence and a sentence isn't a hallmark -
From Wikipedia:
"No it's a sentence and a sentence isn't a hallmark."
I read on Facebook invisibility isn't possible.
But I read a brilliant essay on invisibility on Facebook
called "Invisibility" and I don't think it's disappeared yet.
It's disappeared from my feed.
You can always look at Alan Sondheim's Timeline and you'll
find it.
Are you sure he hasn't be banned yet? He's been banned from
It was there last time I saw it.
It was a hallmark analysis of the phenomenon of invisibility
in and around the digital.
It will never reach its intended target, invisibility extends
itself, it does this by doing nothing.
So there is no intentionality associated with it, no object
of consciousness?
None that matters, it has no qualities, no parameters, no
structure, writing has been quite an exercise, I wouldn't
call it pointless, but its exactitude is meaningless to
anyone but the writer.
A couple of people have called it a rant.
Invisibility itself is a rant, but the author would rather
consider the essay an analysis, at least for his own peace
of mind; there was something about the act of writing that
motivated him, as the words disappeared down the long tunnel
of obsessive thinking.
He said he could almost picture the world receding from
him in a kind of foreshortened perspective bereft of affect.
Exactly, he had to picture something in order to keep on
going, no was else was encouraging or reading him, no
one else was around.
None of those mythical fireside evenings.
None at all, not so he noticed.

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