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January 7, 2015

both and neither

neti neti
neither this nor that
neither this one nor that one
not both this one and that one
not both this one or that one
not both neither this one nor that one
not both not this one nor that one
not both this one or that one

Aural Anticipatory Architecture

Thanks to Luke Damrosch's SuperCollider programming, we have a
proof of concept structure for apparent reversed reverberation
and accompanying sonic architecture. We constantly changed
parameters and the resulting seven pieces are a good beginning
(as well as interesting music in themselves). Later I added
natural harmonic harmonica as agni0. Other instrumentation
included voice (Azure Carter), Tibetan cymbals and madal (Luke
Damrosch), alto saxophone and toy keyboard (Alan Sondheim). In
terms of improvisation, the environment is a unique and supple
aural dwelling creating a different playing experience than the
usual acoustic or electronic-acoustic setup. Luke will be
working on equalization, pitch changes, etc., and I hope to
create a multi-speaker/channel configuration that will appear
overall to distort temporal perception, as if sound were rising
out of thin air, in a state of continual enunciation.

We used the laptop microphone, and output into a small Fender
instrument amp; all the components in the playing-space were too
close to prevent feedback. If things go well, we're present this
at the Interrupt festival at the Brown University Cave in March.

(Thanks greatly to Luke and Azure of course!)

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