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January 14, 2015


I can be led to runes, I can scoop them up. A very large pelican
scoops bree up in its enormous beak and flies off - puddles! tea
scoop chashaku grooved scoop: technical imminent tendrils, tea
the scoop node chashaku then broken into at grooved towards
scoop, the then scoop! into tea grooved scoop towards chashaku
scoop! at from rend rive scoop scrapscrunch scruple shard shred
shatter shaving shiver and yes, I can be led to runes! I can
scoop them up!

albert system

albert system clarinet with reverse reverbration software,
various versions including 2.1.1, all by luke damrosch, some
parameter tweaking by me

are rows of protocols in the garden, arabesques... firmament
bleeds, arabesque designs of the essence of luminous seasons of
the artist tracing his arabesque in infinite matter amplifies,
but i reread this, Nikuko says, and "there's no gap," it's bleak
orientalism, romanticisms, orientalisms, fantastic accounts,
dialogs, everything, australia, africa, where are you, asia you
are my fond asia, orientalism

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