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January 18, 2015


following the turbulent animals inherent in pinkdust
spiked distributions, corral++ +++

recoverable moulded moulded out geology except out except except
the except boiler, the lines, boiler, like lines, cable
eletrical that that spiked helmet, helmet, bare spear It with
sharp It penetrating sharp body, penetrating held body, There
held no There screams screams fold fold catastrophe, function
function are, collapse, what perhaps with what analogic/digital
with the analogic/digital appear the the appear the it
prominence prominence a spike. spike. spike spike trigger. is is
trigger. response is invisible response no invisible I no only I
that certain this this spike a a in role what the the what of
the spikes of very spikes frequency very for frequency spike,
spike, catastrophe, wave wave collapse, collapse, discrete. are,
the discrete. of the spike. of spike spike. a spike what a the
is response response about. I I only am this certain plays this
role plays the role what the the what of the the the in in very
frequency frequency for radio spears, blots, of spears, world of
our world pen- our the pen- of prominence a a the spike spike a
a is trigger. response is about. response am about. certain am
this certain plays this a a in in the what what the are the
nature/s in the low in radio low the radio world, the and world,
withdraws, withdraws, is spheres spheres spikes. spikes. with Ah
for with none for great none a great to a nothing to their of
song song the spike spike them of apple in reach apple ground
reach each ground be each on be bristle on of of noise? noise?
Does require require the encoding? to the spectrum; to spike,
spectrum; catastrophe, spike, function catastrophe, are,
function discrete. perhaps Consider Consider wave function
function from from not the a not or a observer or from observer
a from producer. a The The is is devolves one one two of either
modes, or either Consider or continuous Consider of continuous
and of to and continuous continuous The result result a a Ys,
series Consider Ys, a Consider or a mapping, or it mapping, not;
it is it probabilistic probabilistic likely, Bohm Bohm Then
notwithstanding. or say such or the such series. the Band1
series. {Yn,Nm}, Band1 Band1 {Yn,Nm}, is is first first
sound-track the the CD. new Band1 CD. roughly Band1 the roughly
of the which of collapsed which the from bandwidth. bandwidth.
seems irrelevant irrelevant ask ask Khz about this Khz
recording, this we recording, set we the set experiment the in
in to to create Band2, Band2, any at question Khz. be, question
are be, listening are The listening might The what might does
does represent or or other other well words, it well the it
music? the is music? music. is 1 music. random. is Is Is it
noise? noise? it Does Collapse require spikes Collapse a spikes
listen. a the listen. send the of send the the elsewhere.
elsewhere. Then might might to speculate intervention. to is
intervention. way is an way to an or to music construct here
here earth. Or Or to to of interfere. it of random, it no
random, or no (alien, or here, (alien, observer observer has has
anything say say it about it. or is it. a is is a was is greek
was many too spikes spikes holds us us spiked spiked curtailment
within the curtailment fata the and fata Do and thrust Do sword
thrust lance and through through mouth with with sleepy sleepy
heroin, ecstasy, special heroin, or special Why, or Julu! Why,
so Julu! to so hear hear you! you! Yes, is is that a occupied
that for occupied and for , and of , recent. of example, For
what what "electrical recreations" recreations" more and point,
to might point, say might the say simplicity the the simplicity
used the for for Metal, Metal, the world, world, and puckers is
withdraws, and is Ah and conditions Ah situations, conditions
material situations, the ecologies, very very of the the In In
fashion such world, fashion and world, all and spheres all
spikes. spheres but spikes. Collapse encoding? the the spikes a
a listen. spectrum; this With matter; this it matter; prominence
it a prominence z a 1 z DO DO sphere. sphere. luminous or or or
magnet, memorandum, or sphere. memorandum, rock, sphere. magnet,
rock, or magnet, memorandum, or seal, jt:note, skewer, skewer,
speckle, spike, spike, tattoo spurt, thrill, mark, and thrill,
0; and x 0; y x infinite y this infinite doesn't doesn't give
give it prominence prominence a of spike spike. a spike what a
the what time? the mathematical time? you physicist, see see do
not not what what talking I I talking only I that only spike
that a spike in a phenomenology the of of the and and what
digital. nature/s are the nature/s in the low in radio low
example? radio the example? (natural) (natural) always the the
of of spikenard. a aortas; spikenard. bleed aortas; you bleed
but you bummer but you bummer like know. it's it's or something
something the or spikes vibes feeling spikes distance, feeling
talkers; distance, is talkers; or is thought. or I I know know
who hate, hate, the but _do_ spiked a _do_ spikes a i spikes for
i argentina. for memorandum, note, spike, spike, jewel, magnet,
magnet, rock, rock, He luminous great He af great spiked af
Sud-West spiked spiked Sud-West pierced spiked rolling rolling
down down hill spiked spiked pulling barrels and their "my and
eyes, "my dead eyes, roiling dead on roiling spike, on always
always spike again, again, of of of eating, whole of in whole
hurry in spike, hurry that spike, again, that of tired eating,
eating, of the the healed, and well. spikes lead well. or lead
trees. or in trees. eyes in blind eyes shamefulness:so
shamefulness:so through through my your your "my spike eyes, "my
dead eyes, roiling dead on roiling spike, on that spike, again,
spike tired tired eating, swallowing, "swallowing,


roaming thru negation-perfection here
the spikes bar my way there are holes in fences
holes of the Sia video bars of the Sia video
the bars spike my way there are fences in holes
no entrance & the world is full of exits
i play the exits of the world
i leave the entrances to others

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