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January 20, 2015



Azure Carter, ukulele, voice

Sadness and the Sale of Art

Azure bid on this, what makes me said, this is offered
for $19.99, it's from the late 70s, was an important
work for me, in my thinking - I don't remember who I
gave it to - it's close to being discarded - if you're
interested, bid on it, I'm sinking in the gloom / fear
that my work will be utterly forgotten, the digital
disappearing, the physical decayed, the archives
finally thrown out -

- Alan

having the fill

I am what dreams are made of, I am made of dreams outside my
  installation, one of the rulers

/[a]+/ "bridgmanite swallowwood universe core throat" /[b]+/
"monopoly of bruises" /[c]+/ "numb swollen are you worn yet"
/[d]+/ "you murmur clothmouth" /[e]+/ "sheafcuts filtered
limbsfall" /[f]+/ "scream huddled beings" /[g]+/ "labradorite
stiletto gleams" /[h]+/ "muscovite particle crashes toroidal
flesh" /[i]+/ "twist kleinbottle surfaces n-2 d everywhere"
/[j]+/ "tortureteeth bubble spheres selenite" /[k]+/ "clothing
never renders" /[l]+/ "cloud avatar azurite granular synthesis"
/[m]+/ "flesh performance cloud crashjump failure" /[n]+/ "in
holes teethtongue photonswitch reversal" /[o]+/ "jennifers gone
alans azures all world" /[p]+/ "this is funny" /[q]+/ "stop
suffering death tortures sufficient" /[r]+/ "armature
arbitration captured angst" /[s]+/ "anger and violence
performance" /[t]+/ "already this dead file dead" /[u]+/
unspeakable, already unspoken" /[v]+/ "split-second holocausts
violate the /[w]+/ "holocaust world truereal /[x]+/ cauldron
bones mass-acre" /[y]+/ "mythology causation sutured topologies"
/[z]+/ "media cruel perfect lozenge" "bonelength medialength"
"bone-time mediatime" "dontscribble bodypit woodtend tensor"
"ourtime woodtime woodverse throatversed wood" "speed thing up"
"fast" "makes sewn up women" men" "faster" "has something to do
with machine" machine contrary things" fumble you" "and cams
churn body" "your body greasy" "greasy dirty "skewed on your
fumbled lever" "sewn economies transriparians" "groped comes
around again" where bodies drop" "mumbly-pegged lips lips"
"becoming a speed-blur speed-bump" "on way constitution" "you've
seen end "you're stretched wheel" "incredible churning weaving
through spokes" "floating in oil legs spread arms spread" "some
unknown liquid seeping" "soaked constitutions economies"
machines stitched from machines" "liquids liquids" /[0]+/ "the
analog aligns substance" digital based epistemology uniformity"
always mapping" mapping analogy" doubly-encoded" real infinite
raster" "form extruded integral calculus inheres within analog"
differential digital" signature analogous "type writing"
"inscribe stone matrix" chiasmus at limit" "noise parasitic
enveloping simultaneously eternal ephemeral" "technology
substructure technological temporally splays leaks" "from
substance atemporal time analogical" "a sentence every sentence"
"fluid mechanics constructible" "what occurs "fundamental
particles biological neurons" "digital levels homeostatic
entities" "material through" "analog digital, }

$i;"\n";/[f]+/ >= i--"removal giving live's extension" seed
ending's internals" "collapse's unassimilated disorder" "aporias
evening's readings" "open, closed, cave's door" "fuel drawn,
outing image" "fuel's absence destroying object" "those exact
times things were there" "mirrors hanging, hook-, cord-, less"
/[er]+/ "universal knowledge's vulnerable disappearance" /[th]+/
"unaligned, alone comprehension" "undignified think falling
aparting" "and" }" "falling leaving owners, contracts, place"
"what's paper, data's remnant subterfuge" "traced, there's no
beyond beyond" /[in]+/ "which, engrained irrevocable" "stanzas
disappearings' absence" moment's breaking, chora's bonds"
irregular irregulars, caught caught" "incapable bowls skies
water's cauldron" "all stars unlucky, planets' unlucky stars"
"caves nothing senses tunnels" /[to]+/ "into woods woods^n"
/[em]+/ "removing names' questions" /[me]+/ "knowledge's what
are" /[wh]+/ are, not universes" /[ng]+/ "universals, these run"
"filtering wet sand" makes new wild thing" "which everything Im
not" "while now emanents move, submerged" "beneath which moves"
"submerged, that time" quality worlds. ontologies" "are same,
whatever one says about them" "active filters maintained"
"through energy other" "perhaps good nature allows us see first
place "we appear as an afterthought" "with vast expectations"
ways means taking granted they come from" filter has its own
political economy" threads, sutures, creates real" "nothing
emerges but skein" "always beset by virtuality" "here laboratory
I am Demiurge Creator" true gnaws my dreams fears dying" "I cant
anything adjust software, filter, text" gives plasma cut across"
"borders cold evanescence" "if empty, should it be" "but flat,
world, enlightened, black"

New Review of Avatar Woman!!

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