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January 26, 2015

REVREV and Convolution

Convolution suite by Luke Damrosch;
REVREV by Luke Damrosch and Alan Sondheim (avatar)
Instrument: solo long-necked saz
sazzz1: half-way through the convolution kicks in
sazzz2: convolution

This is honestly "getting somewhere" and it "feels good"

So now we're getting somewhere. There's a beginning of the music
- feels good to hear back from you again. I guess you aren't
just a number cut off half-way through. I was there, a face
which moved healing, peace, war drugs, then gave a number cut
from a stepping-stone position - it's on its way, it's half-way
towards brillaince, although these half-way markings bridge
sites in the sound willy-nilly..

So death is half-way through life, and men and women are driven
to sleep and dream.

I am not dreaming.
I am the substance of dream.
The curtain falls half-way up.

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