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January 28, 2015

the rink

in hockey, you move from one end of the rink to another
in ice skating, you go round and round the rink

a rink is a plate a shallow a plane surrounded
a rink is a shallow plate a plate-like shallow a plain
a rink has no edges is a circulation a vortex an eddy
a whistling rink is indeed a thin tine a fipple a domain
a rink is the integration of a strange attractor
within the rink negation is without the rink
within the rink there are kindly mothers and fathers
almost one says kindly almost among the cold and cold wind
the cold wind of the rink circulates the rink
the circumambulation of the rink the circumlocution
the circumference of the rink the circumstances

without the rink there is within the rink

in 50 mph winds and -5 windchill we stopped at the Biltmore
at 2:30 in the morning they gave us hungrey-ending bars
we headed back out towards the rink we entered the rink
the rink was tended by men and women
the men and women were working in the rink
they were working in the signifier
they were tending the signifier they were tending the rink
we intruded on the almost holy task of working and tending
it was called a terrible beauty where memories were made
communities were made where memories were circumstances
in the rink memories were circumstances


Playing oud for the image-music:
"What do I look like playing oud?"
Self-conscious poser that I am,
Hoping this is less than spam,
Although I play it's worth a damn,
This isn't music for a jam,
It's fairly skilled, I'm not a ham,
I've studied oud, I've tried to cram,
I've studied here and on the lam,
It's heavy work, it's not a sham,
It's not hard rock, not even glam,
Not background Muzak on a tram,
Not something grating for a slam,
Not quibble-dribble for a scam,
But something for the Court of Cham!

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