The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


god dont that just sound like some insane
alternative rock title thats just about to
go down in flames instead of a revolutionary
new way of thinkin about music which every
insane alternative rock band thinks they own
and will dole it out piecemeal for fame and
fortune for a price so that they can look
great with their guitars held out high and a
female singer decked out in hipster cloth
so that you can bet your bottom dollar they
have something amazin to offer when you
just look at the cover art and the little
words below it tellin you something so cool
the kids get it and the rest of us dont so
you might blow an uneasy instrumental on the
sound of this and if you take the YOU out of
sound you get sond and then add german heim
for home but i might just prefer heimat with
that great imperical ring not so empirical
anyway the cool sounds here are what all the
kids in me are dancin to upstairs and a bit
downstairs in the buildin wouldnt you know
the brilliance of the music first try with a
new file thanks to luke damrosch and the
gang down at symposium books and the hipster
gang next door at small point which keeps
all of us hipsters goin full speed in the
scene were gonna showcase our new talent
soon you just wait and see when REVREV opens
up and blows the sun out of the sky and every
milky way knows what im talkin about

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