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January 31, 2015

the big film

it's not really a big film, it's remnants, loose ends,
things that came out of the margins, glitches and
things that seem like bad dreams, just these four
scenes, there's another storm coming in our direction,
i hate god and hate the weather that god makes just to
thwart me, wouldn't you know, any these things were
seen by my avatar on my localhost, i can't lose hir,
not at this juncture, i'm sure she hates god too but
just because i do, she's really immune from the weather

Murnau and Our Place have No Relation

Especially with Harmonica REVREV

- our place (with older street number) in an
1895 schoolbook exercise, coupled with
REVREV harmonica and the sadness of the world
dedicated to Guy Madden (we would have taken
FIRST PLACE) from Murnau's Silent Era with
Isabella Rossellini who would approve
(although we have not SPOKEN to her about
this issue of approval, we are CONVINCED) -

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