The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

February 8, 2015


Fantastic with the projection from physical reality into virtual
prosceniums, double projects - those of the condensed scale of
geological time in ration with the life of an organism, and
those from traditional or realist paintings which are already a
projection into or within the frame, and the embodiment of the
frame within the space of the museum; I was witness, an witness,
to all three, the space of the painting and museum; the space of
geological time and its manifestations; and the space of the
dis/embodiment of both within the virtual world. In this case,
the virtual world also has an immediate embodiment, within the
hard-drive of my laptop; it is a localhost running part of the
MacGrid implementation of OpenSim, specifically part of my own
sim/s located elsewhere, on Canadian servers.

And fantastic with the blend of fantasy and obdurate reality,
granting absolution within the imaginary panoply of digital
display, pixellated and smoothed, one file among many, again
beginning on local host, stored elsewhere, delivered to you. And
the next moment will be the addition of speech or text, as if
this structure were a container for all the thinking in the
world, at the very least the projection of that thinking, for
which I say again, yes, and we are all virtual, and we are all
avatars, watching the panoply, and avatars, like us, like files,
must die.

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