The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

February 16, 2015

i've lost my body
body scattered bones scattered
nerves always scattered tissues scattered
ohohoh i can't see my body i can't hear it either
i can't feel it either muscles scattered
skin scattered semen scattered they are multitudes
i've lost my bones eyes scattered mouth blown
mouth blown i can't see anything

everyone murmurs stone

boston has 91" we have 52" in the past month,
it's all around, last night -27 F windchill,
somewhere below zero actual, icicles keep
meandering out of our here towards the ground,
friend's pipes are frozen, there are collapsed
roofs, time for the warm colorado night music
mourning, in anticipation of mourning

i take comfort in the annihilation meandering
of the multiplicative zero, in my better
moments the multiplicative one, leaving well
enough alone, brings emptiness to the table,
as if we were never here, just as additive
zero signals nothing by its absence, and
additive one brings something new to the table

o stone and murmur, murmur and stone, think
of these as grace or exhalation, the edge of
the seas is bathed in blood, a sphere

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