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February 19, 2015

(From Todd Anderson)

Hello all,
The next Wordhack is on a Friday this time (don't forget) February 20th. 
Still at Babycastles Gallery. Still starting at 7. Still starting off with 
an Open Projector to share your unfinished yet full-of-potential projects 
with us.

This month we're excited to feature:

     Alan Sondheim  is a Brooklyn-based new media artist, musician, writer, 
and performer. He performs in virtual, real, and cross-over worlds known 
for their highly complex and mobile architectures. Creator of Internet 
     Darius Kazemi makes Twitter bots, text generators and other weird 
internet stuff. Recent projects include @HottestStartups and 

The details again:
WordHack VIII Feat. Alan Sondheim and Darius Kazemi
Friday, February 20th 7-9:30pm
Babycastles Gallery, 137 w 14th st

Also the new exhibition from Aram Bartholl will be up at Babycastles for 
this. If you're free check out the opening the day before on the 19th!



anticipatory virtuality - it's never too late to rejoin,
suture, the avatar body - it's never too late to project
into and among the body, both performers gathering, both
glued to the body, the screen - it's never too late for
the performance - of the body, through the body, among
those for whom the body is a singularity, a skein a
network - there's always enough time - there would have
been enough time - three's always the anticipatory - i
move and you move - the body comes to greet us -

again, thanks to everyone -

thanks to Mark Swarek, who organized, produced,
documented, and participated in this event;
thanks to Javier Molina, who ran the mocap;
thanks to performers Kenny Tan and Joseph Xin;
thanks to Azure Carter, who documented and
participated in this event, produced at NYU's
motion capture studio in Brooklyn.

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