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February 22, 2015

On the road within: The glitter dance of the clarinet

Wearing the facial recognition dots on my fingers, playing
the clarinet, brilliant glitter dance incapable of resolution.
The music resolves of course at the tonic.

On the road back: The Power Station

Appearance and disappearance of the power station. The blank
and inertness of the power station. The singularity and
duplication of the power station. The power station and the
last vestige of resolution. The beyond-resolution of the
clarinet and the power station. The impossibility of the face.
The face which cannot coalesce. The space which is impossible
and cannot coalesce. I am there in the studio and my eyes are
glitters in the glittering distance. I can't resolve anything
in my life. It's impossible to resolve the power station and
impossible to resolve beyond the power station. Within the
essence of the power station is the power station. Within the
existence of the power station it is impossible to resolve
the power station, nor before nor beyond, nor to the left nor
right. On the road back, the power station and the great wall
which is space, the space we call "wall" when we speak of it.
The "wall" is what we remember of our face, of the glitter
which is our face. The "wall" is what we remember.

threnody for the burned alive

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