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March 1, 2015


GuQin, shakuhachi
Cold Mountain
and Pillow Book
Essays in Idleness
Stone and abacus
Proton Decay
Evenness, evennness
No-body, Noh-death
Pruefer clarinet
Di Giorgio guitar
Larsen guitar
Long-necked saz
String and woodwind - negotations
Breath, dance, gesture, embodiment
Thick body, weight of sound
Weightless language, words
Somnolent rage against meditation
Against stillness

threnody, some music, Rebeca hurry

the body of Rebeca hurry
of Rebecca hurry
25 1778

this Irish banjo has four strings, short neck, an octave and a
fourth, no resonator, very old, dark, almost clunky sound, I
tune it like a tenor guitar, I work on modules and segues, and
at one point, I wanted to be interviewed, wanted to present this
way of playing, these sliding tones that return under new
guises, neither end nor beginning, sound that might continue
indefinitely, but there was no interviewer, I think to myself
that maybe I'm just 'noodling' as Gary said, doing nothing much
on the instrument, it's snowing hard now, it's the snow of
Joyce's short story, death looms in this weather, breathes down
upon us

for Rebeca hurry

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