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March 7, 2015

now when

now when i try to write, there are interferences, coming from
the other side, from somewhere i can see vagely, if at all,
niterferences which are the beinning of an inundation that, at
this point with pills within me, trying desperately, for sleep,
won't occupy the gravel of the shore for too long, suh are the
problems with the wrritten world/world fraught with
annihilation: to the limit, i'm deliberately typing with eyes
wide shut, allowing the ghosts and debris to issue forth, essays
in ideleness, the pillow book, if this is an exercise it relates
back to my piece about fever in disorders of the real, that we
can't take for granted, ever, the positioning of health as a
prereqisite for text, as if there were a standard of the body
adn mind to be met before one is given the privilege of speaking
or rather the bridge from speaking through writing to reading to
hearing, etc. i welcome here, without spell ccking, these ghosts
into my world; they'll dominate more and more in the coming
years, until noting remains but bits and bytes scattered and
disappearing fast from hard drives world-wide. this is what
sleep deprivation does, it brings on death, brings down the
curtain quickly, there will never be enough time to say goodbye
to epople, there's no greet ing and no other side, the fences
are temporarily in place, things. it's a matter of time
literally before the universe goes dark and all this incredible
richness of organisms and culture disappears, and inherent in
the disappearance is the disappearance of any trace as well,
we're all living in the period of erasure, we're all inherenlty
inaccountable, our minds and future projects are our own worst
enemy, and the groundrules of the world lie in its own
slaughter. the effect of the pills is great, 12mg melatonin and
trazodone, my mind crushes me with the true real, i don't have
kristeva's good fortune to whirl through freud or catholicsm,
what a melding here. there should be an image here, someting to
accompany this, a text... i'll work on this later, the image,
the lure , and i'll be careful not to make this too long,
interets tails off..

the other side

the errors come from the other side
there are no errors

the other side speaks to us, of decay and corrosion
the other speaks insofar as it is enabled
its enabling silences it, the other side silences, is silent
eorrors slip into the abyss of infinite possibilities
the other side opens, a vast chasm
we hold off, just a moment more, perhaps time remains
perhaps time to say goodbye, pera final movement of the lips
the boundary of the movement of the lips
the boundary, nothing

'the errors come from the other side
there are no errors'

(Among other events, our part of the Interrupt Festival, with Azure Carter 
and Kathleen Ottinger; thanks to John Cayley.)



Integrated Events

Events that are a part of Interrupt 3 but not in the regular schedule of
Presentations and Discussions, plus Event & Exhibitions that coincide
with Interrupt, and share its concerns and topics, and are run or 
curated by Interrupt organizers.?

The Granoff Center for the Creative Arts Brown University

Providence, Rhode Island  March 12?15, 2015

   A residency led by Alan Sondheim in Studio 4 N330 utilizing Brown?s? ?
legacy ?Cave? immersive audiovisual environment. Attendees may drop? ?
in on the residency throughout Interrupt. Alan Sondheim will give? ?
introductions to the work on Saturday at 1-2pm and at 2-3pm.

   Ongoing long-form work with virtual worlds, Cave environments,? ?
sonic anticipatory architectures. Workshop of failure and success.? ?
The permanent IRQ of? ?
Annihilation. Alan Sondheim will be working? ?
with Azure Carter and Kathleen Ottinger.


RHADA MAY INSTALLATION Radha May is presenting the first of a three part
body of work in an a show at the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts,
Providence, Rhode Island. When The Towel Drops Vol 1 | Italy is a 35
millimeter film installation that explores femininity and female sexuality
as depicted in film scenes censored out of publicly viewed cinema in
post-World War II Italy.


? From Line to Constellation,  an exhibition curated by Francesca Capone. ...

? with an installation and performance by Jen Bervin.

? Maximum Sideline: Interrupt Postscript at Proxy, an exhibition presented by
a curatorial platform in a downtown storefront in Providence.

? Residents Exhibition: A live collaborative exhibition led by 4 visiting
resident artists: David Court, Kristen Mueller, Benjamin Shaykin and Sophia
Le Fraga.

? ?


? Related video presentations on 4 public screens.


? A post-studio Sunday evening event at Machines with
Magnets (Pawtucket) featuring performances by RRLEW, Akiko Hatakeyama,
Kristin Hayter, Laura Warman, Maralie (Valise), Matt Underwood, Reed Gaines,
V Manuscript, Viszk, Willa Van Nostrand.


Please visit us at 

Interrupt 3 is generously supported with Arts Initiative funds administered
by Brown?s Creative Arts Council, and the further support of the Literary Arts
Department. It is co-organized by Francesca Capone, John Cayley, and other
members of  the Brown and RISD community associated with Digital Language

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