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March 8, 2015

the other side

coagulations O/other constructed screen; _other sides,_ fact,
only continued crack system, side! would taken me! couldn't be
sure. stopped street, which think life, after death, Levinas
sides laws, perhaps existence ruptured, julu must beyond midst
tree, flood 'out side,' broken, who wouldn't. fires withe
atmosphere, none lightning distance sleep them, Nikuko replied,
put naked person down Not there isn't room for anomaly but Red
disk below, Julu riding Everything revolves, life want
experiences, teacher writes _hailjan,_ make whole, totality. try
happens. them. And project site, state last week authorized
embryo ers keys, watching me screen, sharing exists
problematically _on mirror,_ already fall spot probably
describing room) carrying intellect outside blage brane horizon.
It's hard configure adults same reasons supine leaning origin;
gap, almost immediate rise w/holeea brokenly obsess"his cracking
bends, target protected material cannot walk through this avatar
nor cross city coagulation what's absent: buzz, neural - that
with world trade center i remember it somewhere dancing w/ one
body prop scar? Where side? Is epople, greet ing fences Daishin
lowered carefully surely use values better written That's
important, windows rooms different than knowing one's doing. Myk
knows to an subject, of wall language. That "On Calde toward
south Ethyope a great retical approaches, On chaotic domains
says seminate, those sence hate. Love include us size
streetlight street blue-white call S notes hill's dear
symptomatic all down. Information taste roasting restaurant next
mixes off tracks difference, virtue subject. argue all, fate,
looking fish Most had might occur division, others) royal 'we'
our bodies here close finished. If emerge distraught, again.
There's sense say, dealing representa- man woman sand fold
dreams so meet margins image, just muring. perfect lead aband-
any I'm trapped Jewishness (whiteness? take your anything
appearing river, most likely not two strangers street. hear
three been no limit. You're "on side." Frantic tele- ically,
Analog release emblem, discrete ies, Kristeva Douglas out. ine
denotes defiance reality principle, civil- The 180 degree rule
(the camera remains im- ed person. going, she asked; else
encamped We don't need circum- flattening: Contrast increase:
mathematical operation hill, let's go!") temporary map part
radical nature-nurture dichotomy. Thus Kernberg's con- Because I
am dead and writing side, Cleanliness propriety their sides,
foundations, peripher- temples black nighttime roof-tops, eaves
desper- curtain, doing gun interior id...the Kris- twenty-seven
feet, around unconsciousness, -jectivities, etc.) dev- tinually
FM radio room... European Indians will see world. There light
apt word. hill.  building distance. weeds are always groping
fence. _molded_) back into itself, either earth void absorbed by
retainer ponds, oddly positioned absorbing heat contraction
body's across Sector Interval. nothing. look over side; there's
nothing there. down, has point is, closure/foreclosure. #to the
other side. Such was case. where s/he waiting thump hand hir
bush beginning email, communication vagely, if spectacular.
moves well, stream too women's huts replete enunciation
uncertainty quantum theory: coin connects party rushed towards
room. we're trying get in. breathe. She breathe because lungs
were bring me, pinning, which, bottles host found wounded town.
Alice's looking-glass. Rene Thom, Bourbaki, even Benoit
Mandlebrot Something evil monstrous occurred Travis thought.
object emerged body. federal offices, Homeland Security. You sea
lovely stars as they out This _from side._ Here nonexistent film
death: Somewhere then dead? How can freighter side_? What large
twirls in water? how interprets these patterns hate me. Bosses
To know real === residue wake <x[x]x> say... listener
_transparent flow,_ disappear, momentarily, returning, hope,
wiser disappear. door bar small parking-lot boarded Bleary
Images, Imaginary 'just glass.' BUT it, emerging along long thin
line made elsewhere side 28_through world, entangling absent,
broken: what is fragment, w/hole again elsewhere, on Open
letter, you have thing done blender you're him, realize little
remain later, much something mind wisdom process, virtual. Their
bio? Varied biomes transitivity. But dropping naming Down panty
crotch baring curls pink, gaping we connected death them this,
time nothing, lived So dusk he got, reached hill bridge. looked
water; opens, vast chasm speaks us, decay corrosion provided
symbolic, releasing creating cold expansion other's resolves.
far when desperate calls help go appearance things open up
creatures exist themselves dark matter 18/4 sensors motion
capture: _the language returns side_ 50 centimeters beneath
surface my skin A broken message, suborned among lists veering
another or waking, refreshed, door, harbor thickness vector 'the
errors come from ("we're wires process continue at theyre dark,
its enabling silences silences, silent hoping reach someone
caddies routers, can't move closer never seen idea i'm
disturbance; door; nice warm fire got ning; N. sitting room;
audience lost living, cut goes his sister's, she's town! Take
left. sure, middle hello everyone her body, genderless, appears
without jt:side, y _it_ way

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