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March 9, 2015

(so many of these videos, modified from localhost, macgrid, secondlife, 
the sides of a cauldron located in the brown Cave, cavern, the stirred 
uncanny-political, among the imaginary, illusion-clock, universal death, 
we're here for the infinitesimal, the walls are torn apart, howling, then 
for the rest of us a 'conceit' or 'metaphor,' the brutes!)

alarmed clocks in the universe we're hard at work bringing you
the news

run like, because it's like, clockwork. let it go viral in the
world, bacterial clockwork, moved, unmotivated, sound the alarm,
no tulips, the look of love alarms, the walls are torn apart,
earthquakes, because we've spoken through alarms in dark Clara
night, plumes, because of meaning, know well there may be none,
o that simulacrum of repetition from your interior raising the
alarm, o that simulacrum of repetition from your interior
raising the alarm sounding in a workshop while a family watches
her with long pointed ... swept with confused alarms of struggle
and flight, the floors covered with meat, death, the dogs howl,
the walls are torn apart


preparations for our new cd, Threnody, coming soon.

the audio might be the strangest I've made; there are
two stages - live revrev with running two parallel
programs, with live jinashi shakuhachi and madal input
(I played them together), and post-production with
pitch shift. I keep thinking: anticipatory music
(future perfect tense) combined with sound from the
_other side_ - and what might time be there? I love
this piece and the unexpectedness of it.

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