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March 10, 2015

visage, levinas, face, alterity

these are moving closer, and from the other side,
there is closer movement as well

visage.mp3, electric guitar
of the others, 2 supercollider programs, voice
(azure carter), bambuser, second life intermeshed,
sound and subjectivity moves among them, alterity,
face, levinas, visage
all living, once upon a real time, the visage

and for Threnody perhaps, something coming,
something new

*/thanks to Kathleen Ottinger, Azure Carter,
John Cayley, Luke Damrosch, Jorge Rojas/*

the bleeding trees

shift, alto clarinet with delay
tilt, ghichak

please send any feedback you might have on these pieces;
i'm not sure of either of them. my ghichak is a museum
piece; i'm giving it to the National Music Museum next
month, because of its delicacy; see . my ghichak
playing sounds rough to me; the alto sounds better and
with the delay and descent at the end of the phrases, it
creates a sense of tilt i think.

i'm uncertain...

thanks, alan

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