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                        Oh Joy, Spring Is Almost Here!

The time has come to put away the snow shovels: hopefully we?ve seen the
last of that cold, white stuff for a while! Hope you all fared as well as
you could over these past few weeks of record snow dropping, but fear not,
we have plenty of shows coming up to drive away the winter blues we?ve all
fought through. Since we have a lot of information to get to, let?s do just

Our show back on February 6th was absolute dynamite for all those who
attended. And as far as audience goes, it was a packed night, standing room
only at times! The music was off the charts, the audience piled in, and
there was a joy in the air about being out of the snow for even a brief
moment. We had two relatively new groups play for us and both showed that
when you are passionate about what you create it doesn't matter how long the
group has been formed. Four Agreements flew through a block of electrified
fusion that I think people are still recovering from, and then there was
Wobbajack to help people groove the night away. A huge thanks to all those
who came and help support these fantastic musicians, it?s always nice to be
able to give these guys fair compensation for the incredible art they create
and your attendance makes that possible. Hopefully you?re all ready for a
lot more jazz in Providence because we have a long list of shows on the way!

We have a special midweek jazz show coming up on March 18th for you all who
have busy Friday lives! We're going to feature some interesting
improvisations and arrangements that are sure to liven up your Wednesday
night. Alan Sondheim is an internationally recognized new-media
artist/writer/theorist and has exhibited, performed and lectured widely. He
has released on ESP-Disk, Qbico, FireMuseum, and Public Eyesore records.
While it's hard to pinpoint just what instruments Sondheim will include in
his improvisation we could possibly see electric guitar, electric or
acoustic saz, alto clarinet or clarinet, oud, quqin (qin), possibly suroz or
ghaychak (ghichek), maybe even danmoi. Also performing with Sondheim will be
his partner Azure Carter who sings, and Luke Damrosch who plays guzheng and
has been programming supercollider reverse reverb (REVREV) for the group.
Sondheim has had a long spanning career of daring performances and forward
thinking projects. Also performing we have Ryan Kowal and Phil Mazza who
have been a part of the New England music scene for the past decade. Their
musical influences and styles have brought them together within a number of
bands, including the Jazz Fusion group Interplay, where they have released
two albums. Recently, they both have been making waves in the Boston Free
Music Scene. Both have performed with many of the top musicians in the area
and have just recorded an album with Charlie Kohlhase, Kit Demos, and Ben
Dicke. With Phil and Ryan's years of musical collaborative history, the time
seemed right to explore the possibilities of a vibraphone and guitar duo. By
exploring advanced techniques, improvisational ideas, and listening skills,
they bring a fresh and intriguing performance that will keep listeners on
their toes. The music kicks off right at 9pm and tickets are only $10 for a
night of exploratory new sounds. Come give your Wednesday a little flavor!

For our April 3rd show we will be looking to celebrate all those local
musicians who have really helped to make this series happen over the past
three years. We are calling the show "3 Years With The Locals" and will be
featuring a house band featuring Marc Kaplan on piano, Joe Grilli on bass,
and Paul DiMartino on drums, with a rotating cast of superb talent that has
graced our stage many times throughout our existence. Presenting musicians
include saxophonists Dave Murphy, Leland Baker, and Chris Gagnon, pianist
Tom White, plus guitarists Clay Nordhill and Mark Medeiros. All these
players have been making huge strides in helping Providence develop a
thriving jazz scene and have done us the favor of performing for ITJ many
times in multiple iterations; they are truly part of the backbone of this
concert series and movement. It is my honor to have them all come and
present an original work that has defined their musical journey over these
past few years and that has shown this city the kind of extraordinary art
that has been crafted in the ?creative capitol?. Come by to listen and help
support this effort, and if you feel so inclined bring your axe and perhaps
we?ll have time towards the end to invite some people up to help celebrate.
Music starts at roughly 9pm, admission is only $10.

While I could keep going on and on because our show calendar is loaded with
amazing stuff, that will all just have to wait until next time. That's all
for now. See you all at the March 18th and April 3rd shows at AS220, and be
sure to watch your inbox for more news and updates!


Take a look at these other cool things happening around the internet:
  *  A couple Sundays ago, Leland Baker asked me to say some words about John
     Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" for a concert he was doing at Aurora
     celebrating this momentous work. Check out my thoughts on the album
  *  Speaking of Leland, he provided a guest post for our site, entitled
     "Soul, Faith, and Music". 
  *  If you missed our February show or want to relive it, the Four
     Agreements posted their set on SoundCloud for all to hear!
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Upcoming events:

3/18/15, AS220
Ryan Kowal & Phil Mazza, Alan Sondheim with Azure Carter and Luke Damrosch  
4/3/15, AS220
"3 Years With The Locals" a celebration of the third anniversary of ITJ
4/21/15, AS220  
Ben Shaw Quartet, C Dub Trois
5/20/15, AS220
Rich Halley
5/26/15, AS220
Mmere Dane, Zinno Bass Off
7/7/15, AS220
 Alon Nechushtan
10/2/15, AS220
John Funkhouser Quartet
12/4/15, AS220 
Shaw + 7

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