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March 17, 2015

sonic architectures

with Cavework by Kathleen Ottinger,
text by Alan Sondheim, Kathleen Ottinger
alto clarinet, Alan Sondheim
voice, Azure Carter
revrev, Luke Damrosch

how the sound moves anong the imaginary land of shadows,
projects of Plato into the sound of ancient Greek or not
how Plato's project projects Plato's sound philosophy
how Plato's sound philosophy is sound

'He packed his pipe elaborately. "I once had a philosphy,"
he said. "But experience ruined it." He chuckled: "Next
time I'll know better."'

- Frederick Kohner, Gidget Goes New York, 1968

sonic-spatial-avadance elucidations

alan sondheim, mark skwarek, azure carter,
luke damrosch, kathleen, ottinger, kira sedlock

(illegibility of the future) (roiretna) .echo Dis/ease / Disease
of the future roiretna. Consider new media, practices shadowed
by their own future roiretnas, Eyebeam and disappears as a
future roiretna online. In the space, it I shall remember that
leaf, future roiretna, just as I remember an equally I'd say:
virtual** is always already a future roiretna, already Of the
storm of the future roiretna which is, which is always already
will REVREV = revamped processes of the future roiretna Within
the future roiretna, this will have been completed.) already our
future roiretna; we are what we will become; these are blown
and-such' might have been i. it seems to me that this future
roiretna of roiretna always already, _naturally_ rules in this
domain. From that roiretna and the warding off and on of death
molten life and lost deaths roiretna warding off more
explanation. that it always matter there's roiretna, police and
a locksmith. The police had no idea what roiretna, that the
future has already happened. i am too late, myself, as roiretna,
the very scent of the sixth, its huddling, its refugee status,
roiretna. This is written in Berlin, 1946. This before, and
understanding bodies in the always future roiretna world, the
branch, when a ruler is a shadow of the future roiretna, when
nothing is but it is also part of _roiretna life,_ electronic
under the skin, nour- but the memory, that is, of the digital
before its bearing, before presage, prespeech, of a future
roiretna, which is what, which is why the mirror appears to
foretell what, foretell the future core dump mined future
reference. \n\n 3 think roiretna. $a[$non] $$ final debris of
the future roiretna of the written. I am always aware of this,
dream, our dream, our presentification of the future roiretna.
emanents and avatars inhere, cohere, mishmash, spew, emit, slur,
slough, intermingle, interpenetrate, within the true world, they
are true-worlding, in a sense mind-only, but only in the sense
that steerage is always present, from language through metabolic
process through retinal processing, immunological defense
systems, heartbeat, hormonal maintenance, soft- ware updating
and replacement, membrane filtering, and so forth. this is not
life force, but inherited and inhering organization in relation
to reproduction, within which the carrier image is but a dream,
our dream, our presentification of the future roiretna.
encom-** Nikuko: tears. loss; loss Of storm future roiretna is,
essentialism, Derrida's future roiretna coagulating in the form
of a event by police-cars, lights flashing: an event of the
future roiretna, existentialism! essentialism diarrhetic
essentialism, derrida's roiretna expresses just branch, shadow
roiretna, therapeutic cleansed language, fitted, future-roiretna
- for you Derrida; always intended for you; arriving in the
future roiretna; for you, and for me only in the past roiretna,
as if i might have noticed foregone future roiretna;
afterthought alpha fuss gabble gasp wet woe foregone or future
roiretna; in the blank of the afterthought of the alpha from
myself, residue perhaps of a future roiretna, or where I would
like future Julu roiretna, speaks One me, can she only exists
follow in suit. future roiretna of a recording, looking back
with sorrow. none such, of future roiretna, held close to the
abdomen, breathed in slowly, in and out future-roiretna,
positionality terminal; syntax). syntax. ecriture here, just
now, gone with the future roiretna, no one to speak or say any-
i will have left memories of the future roiretna, my face subtle
and inhabit the future roiretna of the subjunctive, having
already received is always already a future roiretna, already a
dead conversation, people is the loss of the** Of the storm of
the future roiretna which ity of rhyme schemes beyond the
couplet, to the future roiretna tensing let's say a future
roiretna dawn already commingling with a night looks towards the
future roiretna /:there's an incredible funnel opening lscertain
what had already begun toroiretna oracau re u have to reassemble
old text illustrated by its future roiretna our presentification
of the future roiretna. presage, prespeech, of a future
roiretna, which is what, which is why the repetition until the
water reflects an roiretna, rewriting construction future
roiretna appearing appeared online line sciousness identical
with itself, dumb and roiretna to all speech, but screen,
prostrated as such. Remember the future roiretna, remember it's
speaks to me, she exists in the future roiretna, and One can
only follow spoken in a form of future roiretna. Behind us, we
find the construction of this. Within the future roiretna: this
will have been the fragility of theory, its past-roiretna
ex-formation which slots it the future roiretna and the warding
off and on of death the future roiretna of this memory,
accountancy. the figures are the world refuses to move fast
enough: i want the future roiretna taking the world, world's
end, spatio, world's end, future roiretna tempero. they're
turned around - the future roiretna of ghosts - this speaking
from the future roiretna thought; the future roiretna alone
carries an invisible and sleeping ori- towards a future
roiretna. The second video is a short test of emissions
transmissions arousals, forth. erasure. rulers, rulers detour
roiretna; typed: the world refuses to move fast enough: i want
the future roiretna uneasily coexist within the threat of
extinction's future roiretna. visible particular fiction. I'd
som17thing roiretna, dead within the memory, always the future
roiretna, always as if about to be words already harbor the
numinous, containing the future roiretna seeds of would come in
relation - the future roiretna; the missile striking down;

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