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March 18, 2015

Hi - if you're in Providence or the vicinity, here's a reminder that we're 
playing at AS220 on Empire Street, tonight at 9; the evening should be at 
least fun and possibly great! With Azure Carter and Luke Damrosch - if you 
haven't heard us, do come! And if you have, come as well!

Thanks, Alan

Cave and Sound / Virtual World Wind Stills

i was going to write a long piece,
This isn't my Country, and worked it out at length
in the middle of the night, how violence dominates
at this point, virulence, people can't talk to each
other, violence erupts in the middle of conversation,
on the street, within our minds, our own fury takes
over, our mind grapples with terror we have bred
inside us, we spawn among ourselves and devour
ourselves, driving in Rhode Island, trucks come up
behind me, they want to crash into me, drive me off
the road, run over what's left of my face, we can't
die now anymore now, can we

so I stopped writing and armored the car and made
it full of guns and I go down the street and watch
the angry people

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