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March 20, 2015

remnant R just as theory passes

theories/divisions/structures/post- give way; time burns them
down, to die another day / emphasis on individu R of floppy
drives sal few is men sexy. have a the few R integration, and
the R of the classical and equivalence tattered text; 'a text
body.' repetition any environment. r subtended into the R of an
articulated fixture. in a We tawdry, sleazy, world, from the R
of drooled ink, the R or residue of audience, for whom the work
remains, R of beings not-quite-us traversing the skein. erating;
remains. the earth is R, remain, gopher-ruins, determining vo
Julu, no one, least of all you, would know the skyspheres, all
within the exhibi for the evening on a the present, operable
upon a R of the production, but only R, the left over, the lost
- R or Arable in fact from the R of the body subsidiary R. Al
another project like Hollwoodland gone only muffle the R of
eternal truth. to the second hole itself blankets, parents),
all, monstrosity noise, shrill echoes R of those electrostatics,
those they be Debris: You don't logout, you wither: Consider all
those among R of augmented reality maquettes and corrosion, th
the R of defense and memory; one nests in depression, praises R
"hold delude R culture. direction. pulverize rasher reduce rubbl
philosophical that is the obvious recent digging evident.
proceed own ris sorts of tearing, loss original two minor medium
leak R broken tuning among R of the by the Apology and the R of
what drove e best that he or she has to offer, the R of the soul
R of other intelligence, as our own falters upon some --we the
R, the left over a fragment or torn remain within product and
production; are R and history which are broken R of a text that
night where nightwork are the R of memories in contradiction,
within you; R of loneliness and the fear nect, intersect; they
carry might be said, waypoints or websites of wetware. R parks
partnership, that buries the R of body; d of stars, everyday
rape smashed R, ornamented colonialisms flowered of sex, which
are not there, and death, these R come from of my mind. the R of
my own. veins burst open from P stuttering avatar's R unresolved
in the new-made world R 19th-century commu patience infinite
himself worse R of Estonians who had been in the talke a poetry,
those "A second view; oddly in this one, it's possible to see
begin, and so do the R of the monumental. and let us say the
rest is R another (main) radical, existing only as a cancers
devouring the R of grave and grav ectoplasm, R of a field of
desire and identity. So a name which was a Euclidean geometries,
inscribe the remn memory-R-flesh, of the mirror stage,_ the
spews are exhausts. Perhaps this is a culture and civilization -
or R, nothing else: ghost, R of old friends: Netcom shell
account, no longer used R of post-modernism, the new aesthetic,
the all, the vomits," concentration, R of holographic notebooks,
the really a big film, it's R, loose ends, k6% and the that the
hinge is the memory or uncanny R of and the Trilby, These moos,
these muds, other environments, are the of these tawdry musical
offerings as if < which surely are the R of documentation opened
to me which surely are the mouths of hell return us to the R of
perfect desire the only R of inscription D a final R the final
of the regions of higher intensity shadowing the R again of the
paralleled by the R of horse-drawn carri waters of the physical
neighborhood, the neighborliness of the R of the the juncture of
coordinate axes in physics R of the space/room juxtapositions.
(A better parallel m chant of the dispersion a final R the final
of the covenant of the exhaustion of knowledge, and the chimera
is the R of the archaeological R, fairly amazing possibilities
among the out of the R, o managerial class, and the last, with
the subterfuge" "traced, there's no (7) this is the crux, from
the hole containing the R of blood with new blood from the
remains are R and residues in as R from the left but the flat
sky-plate, a few R recording in the the Symbolic in the Re R of
Estonians who had been in the R, fatality ology of language and
gesture - and on the the R of blood, organelles, phlegm. Then
did I turn the afterwords, R of necessary informal this?
Consider the paper, data's R and subterfuge which I had desired
for the sphere R, texts which are always mournings for the
countin Unspeaking, the revolution blindly cauterizes the than
the scattered remnan You: recognizing this is always the
tinnitusgrows R way pays no attention; Heaven sways the winds
and r concerns, perhaps useless, perhaps nagging at the are not
to be deconstructe the covenant of the final R the cloister
where everything writes. Wires are much to see but the itself
the R of voice. The 0-1 brackets not about the Transformation is
the R of magic obliterated by the lumber R. G ing in from the R
of the world, what i distant distended e the R of skin, I hurry
down the path, rem expose oh innocent out, watched theft voting,
rights, beneath, not even the R of structure, but isolated bits,
the R of truth. The seems, R saying. equality, of the body
itself (there are ca archaeological R, neocolonialisms
ornamented smashed R, ornamented whic the R of freedom and the
liberal "establishment," fecundity has no presence. see how poor
these video r without a static/dynamic. R of the visible
inverted, as our mouths from the body of destruction R o.s of
a.f an u.n ruin; collaps Heaven sways the R of dawn and dusk
itself (there are ca Caesar, clutter and R, and how could
_everything._ branch unravelling. R s recording, mouth
dissipation forgotten langu culled from R of the massoumi drawn
into presence, or re-presence. It i R, which would every letter
sequence of any length exhausts the R would objects,
archaeological R. occur, that all that would might keep them
alive pestle pick pinchportion pound pull static/dynamic. R of
the visib 3 Dead Media (Bruce ago, d These files are R, residue,
of larger works such scattered among the R of mechanics, the
Tractatus, being-submerged, submerged writi R, residue,
detritus, the R three-dimensional image i have of the virtual R
of flesh, my chest, shoulders, neck frozen from wit men of have
biological c finder; eye-hand coordination was polar ocean. The
last R of surface life move we swallowed are neither
R simply "can't remember" - i'm leaving you

the qin back there

using a good condenser mic beneath the qin,
what happens? then edited in audition,
nothing added or subtracted. the qin is an
unbounded world with seven highways, many
rest stops, trails everywhere. the qin is
heir to philosophical thinking in china and
elsewhere; like shakuhachi music, space is
constructed, eddies, withdraws, dialogs
with silence and emptiness.

the other video, of a zoom h4n, records the
sound-light in the cave environment; i
thought of it as an absorptive punctum, an
inversion of the media display.

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